Partnerships in railways and transportation


The service range of  ASE AG reaches from planning and assembling of easy camera and video surveillance systems with access control to networked high-end detection and capturing systems up to the individual development of customised software tools. Special highlight is the development of NUMBERCheck and TrAbSy, an automatic number recognition and billing system for rail freight traffic.



You are interested in a partnership with ZEDAS?

We intend to collaborate with experts from the railways logistics and/ or system integration especially for our Solution zedas®cargo. Aim is to customize and install zedas®cargo for different customers and their different demands in international locations. We want to handle complex projects together with you.

Cases of applications for zedas®cargo are existent for railway companies, steelworks, harbour railways, chemical plants and power plants.

Thinking about a partnership with us? Simply get in touch with us - we are interested in your ideas for a common engagement!

Customers with a efficient IT department, have also the possibility to install and customize zedas® on their own. For the best support we offer specific trainings for your IT department.


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