Software for the logistics management of shunting traffic

zedas®cargo is the integrated solution for efficient shunting processes in rail logistics. The system supports the dispatching and shunting of wagons on the last mile, in the port or factory. As standard software, zedas®cargo maps the typical processes of shunting dispatching, such as train entry / exit, the shunting procedure up to the completion message, dispatching with visual track graphics as well as accounting and reporting. Thanks to a clear release strategy, you are always one step ahead with ZEDAS.

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zedas®cargo is suitable for the following companies and industries:

  • Railway undertakings (RU)
  • Shunting service provider
  • Connecting railways
  • Factory shunting service
  • Port railways
  • Chemical parks
  • Steelworks
  • Mining
  • Refineries
  • Lime and gravel industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Others

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Use the potential of integrated processes in shunting operations!

Efficient process control for improved shunting traffic flow

Efficient process control for improved traffic flow

Web portal for seamless collaboration with loading stations and cargo customers

Web portal for seamless collaboration with loading stations and customers

Short information path between shunting employees

Short information path between employees

Digital processing of all wagon and cargo data

Digital processing of all wagon and cargo data

Transparent accounting and documentation of all cargo data

Transparent accounting and documentation

Mobile working for shunting employees thanks to app

Mobile working thanks to app

Location and status of wagons in view at all times, especially for hazardous goods

Location and status of wagons in view at all times, especially for hazardous goods

Quick return-on-investment of the shunting software

Quick return-on-investment


zedas®cargo: the digital shunting solution at a glance


With the logistics software for shunting traffic from ZEDAS, you are choosing an efficient and economical solution that supports you in answering the most common questions in shunting operations:

  • How do I always keep an overview of current wagon locations, delivery and collection orders?
  • How do I effectively plan and monitor my shunting operations?
  • How can I reduce the need for coordination between dispatchers and shunters?
  • How do I design an optimal cooperation between loading stations and shunting dispatch?
  • How can I precisely document and account for my shunting expenses?



Efficient logistics management of shunting traffic

zedas®cargo combines logistics management functions with innovative enhancements – based on branch knowledge about shunting goods by rail. Using innovative technologies, we turn big data into smart data.


Software for shunting in rail freight


Whether in the factory or the port – zedas®cargo digitizes and interlinks all operational processes of shunting scheduling. Dispatchers have an overview of incoming and outgoing trains, shunting movements, loading stations, transshipment processes, track occupancy and all parameters of shunting scheduling at all times. Mobile apps support employees on site, e.g. with shunting and damaged wagon management. Dispatchers and shunters are always informed about wagon location, sequence, wagon status, load and technical details. Information on the shunting process is available to the loading stations or the customer on request. Data interfaces relieve all parties involved of time-consuming manual entries and routine work. This saves time and money.

For shunters it is part of their daily business to handle schedule deviations. With zedas®cargo, dispatchers can react flexibly to new situations in shunting traffic at any time. All processes and procedures are transparently documented and accounted for.

The billing-relevant transactions in the shunting process are precisely documented and made available for billing. The basis for billing is formed by the stored contracts with the agreed conditions. If necessary, incomplete or not recorded services can also be added manually. Invoicing, including cancellation and credit notes, is made after release. If desired, prepared data can be transferred to external systems via interfaces.

zedas®cargo provides meaningful management information based on the data collected in the system during operation. The well-founded key figures and analyses enable the evaluation of the profitability of services provided. Standardized and individual evaluations provide information on cost drivers and potential for improvement. In addition, reports can be created on a time-controlled basis and automatically sent or exported.


Customer portal: linking all parties involved on site


With the Rail Hub module, zedas®cargo has a web-based logistics platform for RUs and their loading stations or customers. Efficient interaction is possible via the web portal. Employees of loading and unloading stations can use this platform to request the delivery or collection of wagons with specific parameters (e.g. track, loading station type, freight, number, etc.) and for a specific time. These requests can be converted into shunting orders in a subsequent step. The completed shunting orders then in turn form the basis for precise service invoicing with the customer.

Current status information for each wagon

With the Rail Hub, shunting service providers offer their customers an attractive service. The portal enables customers and employees of loading stations to view current status information at any time. They receive straightforward answers to their questions, such as "Which wagons are in the intake?", "Where is my wagon?" or "Is my wagon being shunted right now?". Thanks to seamless collaboration, time-consuming coordination by phone or e-mail between dispatch and customer is eliminated. The time-consuming discarding of wagons is also reduced, thus saving time.



Mobile workplace in shunting activities


With the zedas®cargo apps, important business processes can be consistently processed on a tablet or smartphone. Shunters or wagon masters can document their tasks on site in real time, independently of the control center. The optimized information and data flow ensure up-to-date operating data and precise billing information. Selected apps have an integrated offline functionality, which enables temporary autonomous work without a permanent data connection.

The following processes can be handled in the zedas®cargo mobile apps:

  • Shunting operations: starting and ending shunting operations
  • Incoming and outgoing train controls
  • Retrieving the track occupancy and making corrections, e.g. in the form of changing the wagon sequence
  • Editing of wagon master data and load data
  • Control of track scales
  • Recording of wagon damage
App for shunting employees



Interfaces: Connection to third-party systems

zedas®cargo offers a range of integrated standard interfaces for the optimal handling of rail freight transports. The electronic exchange of data with suppliers, customers and peripheral systems helps to minimise manual procedures and to decisively support business processes. By processing various standard formats typical for railways, new or changing players can be integrated into the data communication with comparatively manageable effort. The quality of the data reaches a new level while at the same time the effort required to obtain information is reduced.

Typical examples of the integrated standard interfaces:

  • Train pre-announcements and status messages for RUs / end customers
  • Wagon identification
  • Track scales and hump systems
  • Production and loading systems
  • Shipping orders / consignment notes
  • Financial accounting
  • Data for service portals


Interfaces from the zedas®cargo software for shunting in rail freight


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Unique synergies in the rail industry

Lean processes through the combination of zedas®cargo and zedas®asset


Beyond shunting and dispatching, ZEDAS offers the strategic link between rail logistics management in zedas®cargo and the technical asset management of the track infrastructure in zedas®asset.

The automated flow of information significantly reduces the need for coordination between railway operations and maintenance. All employees involved in rail operations always have the necessary information to control rail processes more easily and better and to optimize the utilization of the track infrastructure.

For maintenance, condition and load data, such as overruns and tonnages, are obtained directly from the operating process. The constantly updated database enables load-dependent maintenance planning and is used to forecast the condition of the tracks and assets in zedas®asset. The object-specific maintenance strategy (corrective, preventive, condition-oriented, predictive) can thus be implemented thanks to the intelligent software.

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Product overview zedas - Software for railway logistics, shunting and asset management



5 strong reasons for zedas®cargo

Haken Our field of expertise: shunting services in freight transport
We know the processes in rail logistics management from close cooperation with our customers and over 30 years of experience in the rail market.

Standard software – benefit from the knowledge of all
The product zedas®cargo is a field-proven and ready-to-use branch solution – your innovation engine for railway-specific workflows.


One system – one truth
zedas®cargo integrates all process participants and ensures a continuous flow of information. The system encourages knowledge transfer and employee satisfaction.


Strong partner – everything from a single source
Consulting, software suite, implementation, maintenance, SaaS / Hosting, project management, training and 24/7 support directly from ZEDAS.


A head start now and in the future
The solution zedas®cargo is scalable as required and supports you in your growth objectives. With our state-of-the-art software, you benefit from investment security.

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zedas®cargo - Logistics solution for shunting in rail freight
zedas®cargo – Logistics solution for shunting traffic


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