Software for fleet and maintenance management for rail vehicles

zedas®asset is the integrated solution for the efficient management and maintenance of rail vehicle fleets. The railway-specific CMMS (Computerized Mainenance Managament System) supports the economical operation and maintenance of all rail vehicles. Thanks to a clear release strategy, you are always one step ahead with ZEDAS.

zedas®asset is suitable for the following applications:


  • Owner
  • Operator
  • Manufacturer
  • Leasing companies
  • Workshops

Railway undertakings for the carriage of passengers and goods:

  • Public transport, regional and long-distance transport
  • Rail freight
  • Factory railways, shippers or ports with their own rail vehicles

Rail vehicles:

  • Mainline railway
    (locomotives, wagons, traction units, rail tractors)
  • Tramway
  • Subway/ Metro
  • Railway service vehicles
    (such as road-rail vehicles, tamping machines, track-laying machines, measuring vehicles)


Use the potential of your rolling stock!

Increased availability and reliability of the vehicle fleet

Reduction of maintenance costs

Validation of LCC / RAMS agreements

Key figures for well-founded management decisions (investment planning)

Guideline-compliant documentation (e.g. ECM regulation)

Forward-looking personnel and maintenance planning

Extending asset lifecycles through condition forecasting

Increase in service quality, employee and customer satisfaction


zedas®asset: One system for all process participants


zedas®asset is the standard solution for the asset, fleet and maintenance management of rail vehicles. The EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) integrates all actors into one system and digitally maps all typical maintenance processes: planning (material, personnel, equipment), performance, management and controlling.

Overcome the daily challenges in maintenance:

  • How do I detect weak points of the vehicles at an early stage?
  • How can I minimize downtime and technically related shutdowns?
  • How do I make operating data or mobile diagnostic data available to maintenance planning?
  • How do I determine the right maintenance strategies?
  • How do I plan and optimise my workshop processes?
  • How do I develop a long-term investment plan?
  • How do I determine LCC and RAMS key figures?
  • How do I document compliance with safety regulations?
  • How do I ensure a continuous flow of information from the manufacturer to the maintenance engineer?


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Integrated processes in fleet management of railway vehicles


  • Data acquisition: Retrieve condition data directly from the vehicle onboard unit. Collect their measurement data during maintenance and their load data during operation.


  • Analysis: Analyse state information and derive critical states.


  • Planning: Plan corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance activities.


  • Processing: Complete your maintenance orders with the help of checklists and work packages.


  • Documentation: Document condition information on the vehicle, maintenance activities and component changes as well as the consumption of resources automatically and in an audit-proof manner.


  • Forecast and Analysis: Forecast future vehicle condition by intelligently linking historical and current condition and maintenance data as well as reference data. Plan your maintenance organization for the long term.



Efficient fleet and maintenance management

zedas®asset combines the classic functions of a CMMS with innovative enhancements – based on industry knowledge from the railway industry.

Condition monitoring and data history of all assets

Always have an eye on the current condition and status, warranty claims and the complete history of your vehicles.

Comprehensive maintenance management

The calculation of deadlines and the digital fault, order and warranty management facilitate workshop organisation.

Digital workshop

Automated procedures support personnel in maintenance work and documentation for a continuous, paperless process.

Mobile working and digital assistant

Apps, individual checklists and step-by-step operation simplify and standardize the work of mobile and workshop personnel.

Traceability of all components

Log the installation and removal of components such as wheelsets individually for each unit as part of vehicle modifications.

Integrated resource management and planning

Plan the requirements as well as the use of personnel and material within the framework of the maintenance organization simply and with foresight.


ECM-compliant documentation

The verification according to the Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/779 is done automatically with zedas®asset ECM. The performing personnel, used materials and resources, the required time and measured values are documented in an audit-proof manner as part of the order processing. Personnel and equipment are managed directly in the system. The validity of qualifications and certificates can be monitored.


Mobile working

The mobile recording of measurement data and faults as well as the processing and reporting of work orders is effortless with zedas®asset Smart. Locomotive drivers, workshop personnel, in-house service teams or external service providers record their data and, if necessary, images directly in the app. Individually configured checklists enable rule-based processes. Processes are standardized, media discontinuities eliminated and errors reduced.

More information about zedas®asset Smart


A digital assistant for the railway workshop

Documenting the cost of materials, working hours and resources used, recording counter readings and subsequent faults, filling in checklists, releasing vehicles – all this can be done with zedas®asset Touch, directly on the train on the tablet or on a desktop PC. An easy-to-understand user interface and simultaneous working support workshop personnel in fulfilling their tasks and documentation obligations.


Plan personnel, material and tasks

The targeted use of resources is the key to greater efficiency. The zedas®asset Resource Manager supports the workshop and service team in planning all maintenance activities and the required resources. Qualifications and certificates for professional maintenance are managed in the system and considered during planning. Free resources and planning conflicts are highlighted. Bottlenecks are identified at an early stage.

More information about zedas®asset Resource Manager


Digital operating diary

Handwritten and electronic lists or lack of shift handovers are a thing of the past. Thanks to the zedas®asset Operations Log, you keep track of daily operations, chronologically and without gaps. Text modules facilitate the comprehensive documentation of events. All information about operations is available to authorized employees promptly, without errors and without loss of information.


Functions especially for rail vehicle leasing

The zedas®asset Contract Management is an end-to-end solution for handling the leasing business of rail vehicles (locomotives, wagons, traction units for local passenger rail transport) and the associated maintenance measures: Create and manage rental contracts, validate available rental items, automatic billing and daily updated reports. The system automatically generates credit notes on the basis of downtime regulations.



Maintenance 4.0 with Advanced Analytics

Organise with zedas®asset not only corrective and preventive (condition and / or time-based) maintenance activities but also predictive maintenance. Using innovative technologies such as IoT, AI and machine learning as well as multivariate diagnostic methods, we turn big data into smart data.


Make full use of the service life of wheelsets by forecasting their wear on the basis of regularly acquired measurement data. The comparison of forecast and actual data continuously and independently refines the prediction. The optimum time for measurement, reprofiling or wheelset replacement can be determined well in advance. The zedas®asset Wheelset Analyser keeps an eye on all deadlines, automatically notifies those responsible of impending limit violations, monitors stock levels and makes order suggestions. The smart assistant also considers the often-long delivery times.

More information about zedas®asset Wheelset Analyser

Through the intelligent linking of data, zedas®asset Staff+ not only enables analyses, but also forecasts for personnel planning. The advanced data analysis determines the medium to long-term personnel requirements, among other things using company-specific data from maintenance planning. Order peaks can be identified and rescheduled at an early stage. Idle times or personnel bottlenecks are avoided. The workshop is optimally utilized.

The zedas®asset Invest Manager links the data collected in day-to-day business and enables the user to create planning variants based on different scenarios. The system can automatically determine medium to long-term investment requirements (up to 30 years). With flexible variables, each scenario can be calculated. Comparative observations between the scenarios enable well-founded budget and investment decisions.

More information about zedas®asset Invest Manager


Overview of the modules

Modul overview zedas asset for railway vehicle fleets


Interfaces: Connection to third-party systems

Data from third-party systems are imported into zedas®asset via interfaces and are then available for central data processing. Electronic data exchange with peripheral systems decisively supports your business processes by reducing the effort required to obtain information. zedas®asset already offers numerous standard interfaces that significantly reduce the implementation effort. Individual interfaces to third-party systems are provided on request.

  • ERP systems: material, master data, personnel times
  • Fuel data acquisition
  • Interface for wheel set measurement data
  • Counter import: operating hours, mileage
  • Fault import: fault data from vehicles, diagnostic codes
  • RSRD2: Freight wagon master data, mileage data



Unique synergies in the rail industry

Lean processes through the combination of zedas®asset and zedas®cargo


ZEDAS provides the leading product suite for the seamless connection of logistics management of rail freight transport (zedas®cargo) with fleet and maintenance management (zedas®asset). The automated information flow significantly reduces the need for coordination between the areas.

Data on the individual rail vehicles obtained during the operating process is available for maintenance planning. The condition and load data as well as recorded damage and fault reports enable reliable, load-dependent maintenance planning. Based on the comprehensive database, zedas®asset creates condition forecasts for the vehicles, which in turn form the basis for well-founded investment decisions.

The daily business of railway operations benefits from the increased availability and reliability of the vehicles. Railway production has access at all times to current information on the decommissioning / recommissioning of vehicles and on residual running values for deadlines. Transport tasks can be planned much more efficiently. Operations are less frequently impeded by waiting times or technically related disruptions.

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5 strong reasons for zedas®asset

Our speciality: Maintenance of rail vehicles
We know the processes in fleet management from close cooperation with our customers and over 30 years of experience in the rail market.

Standard software – benefit from the knowledge of all
The product zedas®asset is a field-proven and ready-to-use branch solution – your innovation engine for railway-specific workflows.


One system – one truth
zedas®asset integrates all process participants and ensures a continuous flow of information. The system encourages knowledge transfer and employee satisfaction.


Strong partner – everything from a single source
Consulting, software suite, implementation, maintenance, SaaS / Hosting, project management, training and 24/7 support directly from ZEDAS.


A head start now and in the future
The solution zedas®asset is scalable as required and supports you in your growth objectives. With our state-of-the-art software, you benefit from investment security.

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