Software for asset and maintenance management for railway infrastructure

zedas®asset is the integrated solution for efficient asset management and maintenance management of railway infrastructure. The railway-specific LAM (Linear Asset Management System) provides the basis for the economic operation and maintenance of the assets of railway infrastructure companies. Thanks to a clear release strategy, you are always one step ahead with ZEDAS.

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zedas®asset is used by infrastructure owners and operators to manage all assets and resources:

Rail infrastructure:

  • Superstructure (tracks, points)
  • Catenaries / Overhead lines
  • Trades of the control and safety technology (signals / signalling systems, level crossings)
  • Installations for traction current supply
  • Buffer blocks
  • Stops

More objects:

  • Engineering structures (such as bridges, tunnels)
  • Building
  • Escalators, elevators
  • Lighting systems
  • Green spaces
  • Poles
  • Technical equipment
  • Quay walls (ports)


  • Measuring and inspection equipment
  • Materials
  • Employee qualification
  • Operating equipment

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Use the potential of your tracks!

Increased availability and reliability of tracks

Increased availability and reliability of the infrastructure

Reduction of track maintenance costs

Reduction of maintenance costs

Forward-looking personnel and maintenance planning for tracks

Forward-looking personnel and maintenance planning

Key figures for well-founded management decisions for track maintenance

Key figures for well-founded management decisions (investment planning)

Graphical status overview for optimal use of track maintenance resources

Graphical status overview for optimal use of resources

Weak point detection and remaining life predictions for tracks, switches etc.

Weak point detection and remaining life predictions

Continuous, legally compliant maintenance documentation with minimum effort

Continuous, legally compliant documentation with minimum effort

Integration of external service providers and devices for track maintnenance

Integration of external service providers and devices (measurement data, service partners)


zedas®asset: One system for all parties involved in the process


zedas®asset is the standard solution for asset and maintenance management of all objects of the railway system. The EAM (Enterprise Asset Management System) integrates all actors into one system and digitally maps all typical maintenance processes: planning (material, personnel, equipment), performance, management and controlling.


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Integrated processes in asset management of railway infrastructure


Consistent processes in asset management of tracks
  • Asset structure and history


  • Condition monitoring and analysis


  • Maintenance planning and control



  • zedas®asset Smart


  • zedas®asset Advanced (IoT, Big Data, reporting and dashboards)



Efficient asset and maintenance management with ZEDAS

zedas®asset combines the classic functions of a maintenance planning and control system with innovative enhancements - based on industry knowledge from the railway industry.

Graphical visualization of all railway infrastructure objects and data

Graphical visualization of all objects and data

Virtual track network and track analyser for the positionally accurate mapping of all objects including associated data such as conditions, measurement data and maintenance history.

Integration of all measurement data of the tracks

Integration of all measurement data

The flood of measurement data from on-site inspections, measurement and video runs is imported, analysed, evaluated and archived.

Forecasts of the condition of assets like tracks, switches and so on

Forecasts of the condition of assets

Make well-founded decisions for planning maintenance activities and investments by predicting the remaining life of assets.

Mobile maintenance on tracks via app

Mobile work via app

For mobile service teams, recording faults and reporting work orders are easy and without media disruptions via app incl. offline function.

Integrated resource management and planning for railway maintenance

Integrated resource management and planning

Plan the requirements as well as the use of personnel and material within the scope of maintenance planning easily and with foresight.

Comprehensive maintenance management for tracks

Comprehensive maintenance management

The automatic calculation of deadlines and the digital fault and order management facilitate the maintenance organization.


Graphical visualization of the track network, all objects and data

The zedas®asset Rail Map is an information system for the visualization of maintenance objects, such as tracks, switches, signals, etc., as well as associated object information. Through several layers, maps and intuitive zooming the graphical presentation ensures quick orientation. Coloured layers visualise master, condition and maintenance information, such as orders and processing statuses. Views and object information can be called up with a click. This makes it easy to evaluate asset conditions, identify weak points and provide well-founded reasons for decisions.


Mobile app incl. checklists and catalogue of defects

The zedas®asset Smart app supports the inspection of assets with specific masks and queries. Employees can quickly record defects (including photos and GPS positioning) and classify them based on a stored catalog of defects. Defect-related checklists and maintenance instructions are available as a digital assistant for the inspection and the processing of maintenance activities. Thanks to the integrated online / offline functionality, data recorded on mobile devices is available for evaluation directly in the central maintenance management system. Processes are standardized, media disruptions eliminated and errors reduced.

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Plan personnel, material and tasks

The targeted use of resources is the key to more efficiency. The zedas®asset Resource Manager supports the planning of maintenance activities and all required resources. The system shows free resources and planning conflicts and detects bottlenecks at an early stage. To ensure the legal certainty of maintenance, qualifications and certificates are managed directly in zedas®asset, stored in an audit-proof manner and considered in planning.

More information about zedas®asset Resource Manager


Digital operations log

Handwritten and electronic lists or lack of shift handovers are a thing of the past. Thanks to the zedas®asset Operations Log, you keep track of daily operations, chronologically and without gaps. Text modules facilitate the comprehensive documentation of events. All information about operations is available to authorized employees promptly, without errors and without loss of information.



Maintenance 4.0 with Advanced Analytics

Organise with zedas®asset not only corrective and preventive (condition and / or time-based) maintenance activities but also predictive maintenance. Using innovative technologies such as IoT, AI and machine learning as well as multivariate diagnostic methods, we turn big data into smart data.


Condition monitoring and condition forecasting of linear infrastructure

From the wealth of measurement and maintenance data, imported via standard interfaces, the zedas®asset Track Analyser creates a comprehensive picture of the overall condition of the track network. The system analyses, visualises, evaluates and archives all data automatically. The following data, among others, flow into the visualization of the track characteristics:

  • Track width, cant, torsion, longitudinal inclination
  • Rail head profiles and fastening
  • The position and height of the track centre line and the overhead contact line
  • Construction of ballast and substructure
  • Clearance gauge

By means of multivariate diagnostic procedures, the evaluation is automated across all measured variables. A single index provides information on the condition of assets and can even forecast this condition. Extended by the cost factor, the complex evaluation scheme serves as a solid basis for the efficient planning and budgeting of maintenance activities and investments.

More information about zedas®asset Track Analyser

Forecast staffing requirements for the maintenance of linear infrastructure

Through the intelligent linking of data, zedas®asset Staff+ not only enables reporting, but also forecasts for personnel planning. The advanced data analysis determines the medium to long-term personnel requirements, among other things using company-specific data from maintenance planning. Order peaks can be identified and rescheduled at an early stage. Idle times or personnel bottlenecks are avoided. The service teams are optimally utilized.

Analyse investment needs for the maintenance of linear infrastructure

zedas®asset Invest Manager links the data collected in day-to-day business and enables the user to create planning variants based on different scenarios. The system can automatically determine medium to long-term investment requirements (up to 30 years). With flexible variables, each scenario can be calculated. Comparative observations between the scenarios enable well-founded budget and investment decisions.

More information about zedas®asset Invest Manager

Overview of the modules

Module overview zedas®asset for railway infrastructure


Interfaces: Connection to third-party systems

zedas®asset supports the transfer and integration of infrastructure measurement values and condition assessments from measurement trains, switch measurement systems as well as other expert systems as standard. The system has an integrated measurement data import functionality and thus ensures independence from the measuring device manufacturers. An intuitive user interface allows you to independently configure the import file for import, view and check measurement data and transfer it to the system after approval. This independent transfer of the measurement data ensures you freedom in the selection of the measuring device manufacturer.

zedas®asset already offers numerous standard interfaces that significantly reduce the implementation effort. Individual interfaces to third-party systems are provided on request.

The interfaces at a glance:

  • ERP systems
  • Standardized interface to measuring systems (measuring trains, measuring devices, trolleys)
  • IDMVU Standard interface for infrastructure Data Management
  • GIS solutions


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Unique synergies in the rail industry

Lean processes through the combination of zedas®asset and zedas®cargo


ZEDAS provides the leading product suite for the seamless connection of asset and maintenance management with the logistics management of rail freight transport. In order to exploit the synergies from this strategic combination, the logistics processes mapped within zedas®cargo (planning, operational management, invoicing) and the technical asset management of the track infrastructure including the maintenance processes (maintenance work, fault management) are closely linked in zedas®asset.

The automated flow of information significantly reduces the need for coordination between railway operations and maintenance. All employees involved in rail operations always have the necessary information to control rail processes more easily and to optimize the utilization of the track infrastructure. Information from asset management on planned maintenance work and corrective measures on the track infrastructure (due dates of inspection dates, track closures and due dates and planned times of maintenance work) is used for capacity calculations and forecasts in operations planning. Rail operations benefit from improved traffic flow and minimized waiting times.

For maintenance, condition and load data, such as overruns and tonnages, are obtained directly from the operating process. The constantly updated database enables load-dependent maintenance planning and is used to forecast the condition of the assets in zedas®asset. The object-specific maintenance strategy (corrective, preventive, condition-oriented, predictive) can thus be implemented thanks to the intelligent software.

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Product overview zedas - Software for railway logistics, shunting and asset management


5 strong reasons for zedas®asset

Haken Our field of expertise: Maintenance of railway infrastructure
We know the processes of technical asset management from our close cooperation with customers and from our experience being in the rail market for more than 30 years.

Standard software – benefit from the knowledge of all
The product zedas®asset is a field-proven and ready-to-use branch solution – your innovation engine for railway-specific workflows.


One system – one truth
zedas®asset integrates all process participants and ensures a continuous flow of information. The system encourages knowledge transfer and employee satisfaction.


Strong partner – everything from a single source
Consulting, software suite, implementation, maintenance, SaaS / Hosting, project management, training and 24/7 support directly from ZEDAS.


A head start now and in the future
The solution zedas®asset is scalable as required and supports you in your growth objectives. With our state-of-the-art software, you benefit from investment security.

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  • zedas®asset for rail infrastructure
    zedas®asset for rail infrastructure
  • zedas®asset Smart - Mobile maintenance via app
    zedas®asset Smart – Mobile maintenance via app
  • zedas®asset Track Analyser - Condition analysis for railway infrastructure
    zedas®asset Track Analyser – Condition analysis for railway infrastructure
  • zedas®asset Resource Manager - Resource planning
    zedas®asset Resource Manager – Resource planning
  • zedas®asset Invest Manager - Investment planning
    zedas®asset Invest Manager – Investment planning

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