Shunting Traffic

Logistics management for connection stations / factory siding and shunting service providers


Long-haul Traffic

Planning, operations and billing of train journeys


Integrated Rail Processes

from logistics management to maintenance


Software solutions for railways and transportation:
Logistics and asset management for rail and transport companies

Logistics software for shunting traffic

Whether it’s transfer work, factory shunting services or train formation – as a logistics specialist in rail freight transport, you organise all of the services dealing with the “last mile”? You want to manage the volume of transport at your factory, port or terminal reliably and quickly, and make optimal use of your resources in the process? zedas®cargo – the logistics software for shunting is our answer for you.

At a glance: zedas®cargo – Logistics management for shunting traffic

Logistics software for long-haul traffic

As a rail operator, are you in competition with other modes of transport in long-haul traffic? As a rail freight company (RFC) and/or forwarding agent with block trains or in combined traffic, you pursue first-class transport and services? zedas®cargo – the logistics solution for long-haul traffic – supports you in this.

At a glance: zedas®cargo – Logistics management for long-haul traffic in RFT