Partnerships: Asset management

Enotrac AG

Specialised producer and provider of software for the fields of "Traction and Transportation Engineering" and we are united by a long-term, successfull cooperation in the railway industry.

Gesellschaft für Instandhaltung e. V. (GFIN)

GFIN is an industry independent and cross-sector professional association. Its members are maintenance engineers and/or professional and management staff from science, research and industry, who are entrusted with maintenance work.

FAM Magdeburger Förderanlagen und
Baumaschinen GmbH

FAM is a manufacturer of materials handling systems with specialised know-how for bulk materials handling, mining systems, stockyard systems, mineral processing, loading sys-tems, conveying systems and port technology. ZEDAS has successful partnership in the field of technical asset management/ maintenance for industrial assets.

Fraunhofer-Institut für Fabrikbetrieb und
-automatisierung IFF

The Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF carries out applied research and development for production, logistics and automation. It is a partner for SME, industrial, research and public clients in the fields of production systems, products and services.

SIR Plan GmbH

SIR Plan GmbH is an IT- and consulting company. The main topics of SIR Plan are in the context of complex processes in logistics, manufacturing, development, and management.

Since 2013 our professional partner SIR Plan GmbH is responsible for the support and software development of the software suite fa/r.

sir plan

terra international surveys ltd.

The Swiss company is one of the leading service providers for railway projects. In Switzerland, Europe and abroad, customers appreciate their quality, experience and know-how in railway surveying. The combined expertise in surveying and monitoring allows terra® to deliver fully integrated services for every requirement and project phase.

terra international


TÜV SÜD is a leading technical service provision company. The range of services includes consultation, checks, tests and expert opinions as well as certification and training. Its objectives are the reliability, safety and quality of plant operations as well as environmental protection and cost effectiveness.



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