Cooperation on software development

In software development, there is a constant analysis of new technologies and trends regarding suitability for the further development of our software products. With this the focus is on analysing increased efficiency in development and supporting new requirements (e.g. new client technologies such as browser-based GUI, performance improvements by load distribution, cloud computing, new distribution concepts such as REST).

In software development, the following application areas exist around the zedas® product suite: implementation of mobile solutions using desktop applications, hardware related interfaces and connections, distributed systems and browser-based solutions.

We optimally use our expertise and resources. In addition, we constantly check options for tendering sections of development to external service providers or integrating external personnel into ZEDAS teams. We are therefore always interested in cooperating with development service providers and universities, who can support ZEDAS as part of its own platform strategy.

If you have outstanding expertise in one of the following development technologies:

  • Java development, in particular JavaEE and/or browser-based client-technologies such as JSF or Angular (in conjunction with Java-based backends)
  • mobile Solutions for established platforms like iOS or Android with browser-based technologies (Angular, Ionic, Javascript, HTML5)
  • Interfaces with established web-standards like REST, SOAP, XML or EDI

work very efficiently and reliably and are interested in taking on software development services, please do not hesitate to contact us. The location of your company is not important.