Rail infrastructure maintenance using zedas®asset: interfaces

In order to manage rail infrastructure zedas®asset provides extensive integrated standard interfaces to external systems. The electronically data exchange with peripheral systems supports your business process thanks to the reduced efforts for input and selection of information.

Example of Interfaces we provide:

  • ERP-Systems:
    • Material (Material basic data, reservation, BANF)
    • Basic Data (Accounts, Creditor, Debtor, Personal)
    • Staff time keeping
    • Orders
  • Measured Data Systems (Integration or measured data from different systems – devices, trolleys, vehicles, etc.)
  • Counter Import (Integration of different measured data and counter e.g. loads, vehicles per day, etc.)
  • Fault/Error Import (Integration of error codes or fault messages from other systems)

Please contact us to get further information about other interfaces we provide for our solution zedas®asset.
Also we are pleased to implement further interfaces based on your requirements and specification.