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Rail infrastructure maintenance using zedas®asset: measured data analysis

Regular monitoring of track conditions is important to ensure an optimal maintenance strategy. The consolidation and evaluation of data from various sources, such as the digital track- or switch measurement vehicles, is a particular challenge for any operator or owner of railway infrastructure as well as maintenance service provider.

Using mathematical statistical analysis procedures zedas®asset is able to provide profound information about track condition down to the metre. By creating special indices the system is able to tell you where (track section) an investment is needed the most and prevents much higher costs of failures during operation.


For example the following data can be used for analysis:

  • Gauge, cant and twist
  • Longitudinal gradient plus track curves
  • Railhead profiles plus condition of fastenings
  • Position and height of the track axis
  • Structure gauge clearance
  • Position and height of catenary or third rail
  • Measurements regarding ballast and track bed
  • 3D point clouds of tunnel surveying or track area
  • Etc.

Combining the data from measurement systems with unique analysis and reporting functionality of zedas®asset increases availability of technical assets and reduces costs for maintenance of railway infrastructure.

Measured data analysis for Linear Infrastructure by:

  • Making accurate forecasts about condition and remaining life span of infrastructure objects,
  • Increasing the availability of assets with optimised use of available resources,
  • Evaluating the condition by using all information sources within on central system,
  • Integrating automatic measurement analysis, archiving and evaluation,
  • Supporting of decisions for maintenance measures (OPEX) or investments (CAPEX),
  • Accurate and complete history of all maintenance and construction activities,
  • Legal certainty through consistent documentation,
  • Full basis for business planning and prognosis.