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zedas®asset: Benefits for the Management of Railway Vehicle Fleets

zedas®asset supports you in achieving your most important business goals: high operational reliability and availability of your fleet at minimal operating costs. Regardless of whether your vehicle fleet is operating in local or long-haul traffic, is transporting people or goods.

The zedas®asset management system offers you the following benefits:

  • Increased availability and reliability:
    Identifies vehicle or asset weak points earlier and minimise downtimes caused by technical faults.
  • Cost benefits:
    Optimises maintenance management and allows creation of streamlined automated workshop processes, which reduces your maintenance expenses and overall life cycle costs.
  • Process efficiency:
    Operating- and diagnosis data (e.g. from mobile devices) are automatically integrated into maintenance planning. Depending on access rights, all staff and partners involved in the business processes have up-to-date vehicle or system data.
  • Groundwork to make the right company decisions:
    Prognosis about maintenance- and life cycle costs or downtimes are provided by the system which helps to establish maintenance strategies based on economic targets and to create solid investment plans based on business requirements.
  • Support in complying with regulations:
    Complying with safety regulations and handling compensation claims. The up-to-date vehicle data history is logged and available at any time. Manufacturers’ commitments of LCC/RAMS are recorded within the system and can be used for evaluations or comparisons.
  • Higher Competitiveness:
    Saving maintenance costs and vehicle life cycle costs as well as integrating all business partners, from manufacturer to maintenance engineers, into your business brings you long-term competitive advantages.