Asset management for extraction equipment in mining

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Excavators and crushers, shearer loaders and roadheaders: extraction equipment and connected conveyance lines and transport systems are exposed to extreme loads in mining. To operate these assets economically, you need reliable statements about the current condition of machinery.

zedas®asset provides this information. zedas®asset monitors your plants and generates diagnoses and forecasts about plant performance, load and wear and tear.  The system controls compliance with prescribed process parameters and analyses information according to economic indicators (KPI, LCC).  You can efficiently deploy your maintenance resources on this basis.

With zedas®asset you receive all the documents required for authority engineering, such as evidence on checking safety installations. The solution automatically determines technical parameters (KPI) for the optimum control of plant services and operations. Thanks to this you identify your machinery's and plant's capacity reserves and can make use of them for operations.

zedas®asset analyses historical plant data about plant operations and compiles forecasts from this.  As a result you can weigh up capex / opex alternatives, develop improvement potential for the operation of equipment and plants and work out efficient programmes to extend the plant lifecycle and increase its performance.



With zedas®asset we monitor and document the whole lifecycle of plants and components and plan and manage maintenance and repairs depending on their load.


  • Records malfunctions, documents the causes of malfunctions and compiles a long-term analysis of the plant's operative behaviour
  • Controls and monitors the implementation of inspections and documents the components' degree of wear established when being changed
  • Compiles a malfunction and damage analysis from the operating history of maintenance carried out
  • Determines the plant and components load index using the long-term analysis of process data
  • Controls planning using the load and analysis of the plant's maintenance history and monitors and documents the implementation of future inspections, maintenance and repairs
  • Records the personnel and material costs of maintenance and repairs carried out

From the lifecycle history of the plants and components, zedas®asset determines:

  • KPI identifiers, which enable condition-based maintenance
  • Cost history of maintenance and repairs carried out on the assets
  • Forecast of costs for future (planned) maintenance work based on
    maintenance strategy and method chosen

zedas®asset ensures:

  • Data recording from any manufacturer's control and management systems without influencing the control technology (integration platform)
  • An assistance system to automatically instruct operator and maintenance personnel
  • The automatic checking of safety installations (e.g. limit switch) and corresponding evidence of check
  • Automated reporting and functional cockpits


Benefits for plant operations

  • Securing and improving conveyance performance:
    • Prevention of unplanned downtimes
    • Utilisation of capacity reserves
    • Optimisation of operation (operating point)
  • Reduction in costs:
    • Flexibility of maintenance according to operational requirements
    • Planning of maintenance measures depending on load
  • Shortening of planned plant outages:
    • use of preparation time in case of deterioration in condition
    • interdisciplinary bundling and coordinating of maintenance measures (mechanical, electrical, hydraulic)
  • Support of fast decision-making processes
  • Development and use of a basis of knowledge to improve plant operation
    and maintenance
  • Support of increased performance and extended lifecycle



Our range of services

Condition monitoring:

  • Data analysis, classification, alerting, management of attention, long-term storage
  • Recording and monitoring of load on main components, such as drive systems and supporting structures
  • Recording and forecasting of wear, e.g. by excavator units

Workforce management:

  • Order planning, resource management
  • Coordination of maintenance and operation
  • Management of external service companies

Asset management:

  • Asset analysis (upgrade vs. replacement)
  • Support of increased performance and extended lifecycle

Maintenance management:

  • Support of RCM maintenance strategies (corrective, preventative, condition based) at component level and/or plant section or whole plant level
  • Allocation of work packages to individual components, plant sections or whole plants for maintenance and inspection work
  • Storage of material and time demand for work packages
  • Allocation of work packages to qualification groups (e.g. mechanics, electrics, external)
  • Automatic calculation of scheduling for recurring work taking into account component, plant section and whole plant load indicators.
  • Bundling of work packages to work contracts
  • Categorised recording of causes of malfunctions and damage with feedback of work contracts carried out after the work has been completed
  • Recording of actual costs in working hours (internal and external) and material used (internal and external)
  • Analyses of causes of malfunctions and damage related to component level, plant sections and whole plants
  • Monitoring of components' guarantee expiry dates (guarantee monitoring)
  • Lifecycle records incl.  maintenance and cost history for components, plant sections and whole plants
  • Updating of lifecycle records also with exchange or repair of components
  • Storage management for spare parts (new devices and refitting) - forecast calculation of required spare part need
  • Calculation of MTBF (mean time between failure) and MTTR (mean time to repair) identifiers
  • Benchmarking of identifiers from maintenance for "fleet comparison"
  • Archiving of as-built documents, test certificates and recurring safety checks for components, plant sections and the whole plant.


Supported sectors

  • Surface and underground mining
  • Tunnel construction
  • Extraction of minerals
  • Limestone extraction for the cement industry

Supported mining equipment

  • Bucket wheel excavators
  • Chain and bucket excavators
  • Mechanical shovels
  • Dragline excavators
  • Shearer loaders
  • Roadheaders
  • Plough systems
  • Continuous miners
  • Mobile crushers
  • Treatment plants