Asset management for wind energy plants

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The use of wind energy is centuries old.  Although the wind energy plants of today have little in common with windmills:  they are highly complex systems, that have to function reliably often under adverse climate conditions, onshore and offshore.

ZEDAS offers manufacturers and operators of wind energy plants an integrated solution for service and asset management.  Using zedas®asset you optimise and organise the whole service management process, from plant diagnosis, analysis of long-term behaviour through to the service management of decentralised teams. zedas®asset supports you over the plant's whole life cycle. As a WEP operator you are provided with meaningful data about the plant's long-term behaviour. As a manufacturer you receive important information for the further development of plants.

The WEP applications from zedas®asset provide a data infrastructure for efficient service management.  The solution continuously generates diagnoses and forecasts about plant and component load and wear and tear. zedas®asset creates a basis for the best possible use of maintenance resources and guarantees the coordination and tracking of maintenance measures, online and offline, onshore and offshore.

Asset lifecycle management from zedas®asset supports the feedback from service to the manufacturer.  It is an important element for the continuous improvement process in construction and production.



  • Monitoring the load and condition of plants and components
  • Coordination of service jobs using zedas®asset Resource Manager
  • Assistance system to automatically instruct operator and maintenance personnel
  • Control of inspections and documentation and processing of results
  • Support of mobile asset services using zedas®asset mobile
  • Analysis of operational data to determine the causes of faults and for benchmarking (balanced score card)
  • Forecasting wear and tear development as well as specific costs
  • Full lifecycle report for plants and components as the basis for asset management decisions
  • Automatic checking of safety installations and automatic evidence of check
  • Automated reporting (technical asset report) and functional cockpits (KPI identifiers)
  • Diagnosis of asset performance and asset health


The Benefits for wind energy plant management

  • Securing and improving plant availability:
    • Prevention of unplanned downtimes
    • Utilisation of capacity reserves
    • Optimisation of operative services
  • Reduction in costs:
    • Flexibility of maintenance according to operational requirements
    • Planning of maintenance measures depending on load
  • Shortening of planned plant outages:
    • use of preparation time in case of deterioration in condition
    • bundling and coordinating of maintenance measures (internal and external)
  • Support of quick decision-making processes when directing service teams
  • Support for managing external companies
  • Provision of on site service team with important work orders required to carry out the work and back up of log of the work carried out through to invoicing in the commercial system (ERP)
  • Development and use of a basis of knowledge to improve plant operation and maintenance


Our range of services

Condition monitoring:

  • Data analysis, classification, alerting, management of attention, long-term storage
  • Recording and monitoring of load on main components, such as drive and transmission systems
  • Recording and forecasting of wear and tear

Workforce management:

  • Order planning, resource management
  • Coordination of maintenance and operation
  • Management of external service companies
  • Effective planning of service teams using zedas®asset Resource Manager
  • Check of replacement part availability to carry out work
  • Automatic inventory correction when confirming work carried out
  • Check of planned service technician's qualifications
  • Provision of work plans and safety information for processing

Asset management:

  • Asset analysis (capex vs. opex)
  • Calculation of KPI identifiers to support the process organisation with the continuous improvement process (CIP)
  • Recommendation of measures for external plant service
  • Budget monitoring and control for external plant service

Mobile service units:

  • zedas®asset mobile supports both online (operation in plant radio network) and offline operation (stand-alone) and automatically synchronises with the centralised zedas®asset system.
  • The on site service team receives the planned work through zedas®asset and logs the work carried out so that it can be used for later analysis.
  • zedas®asset mobile enables the mobile processing of malfunctions, provides the documents required to carry out the work and using a RFID request, backs up the maintenance and inspection orders belonging to that plant.
  • The recording of malfunctions as part of inspections and surveys is also supported as well as the manual or electronic recording of measured values and meter readings.