ZEDAS goes virtual: Successful first ZEDAS online seminars

Great interest in data analysis and prognosis in asset management

02.10.2020 | On 23rd and 30th September 2020 ZEDAS presented the first two online seminars. The focus topics were predictive maintenance and personnel requirement forecast. More than 200 participants in total watched the live sessions. The recordings of the online seminars are still available as on.demand videos.

23.09.2020 | Online seminar in predictive maintenance

About a week ago ZEDAS presented the online seminar on "Reducing Maintenance Cost and Failures with Successful Predictive Maintenance". The virtual event was part of an online seminar series organized by the British We-Rail Group. An audience of over 150 participants joined the live session with speaker Christian Krauss, international sales manager at ZEDAS.

In the online seminar, Christian Krauss explained which requirements must be met in order to implement predictive maintenance in practice. The precise forecasts from the asset management software zedas®asset form the basis for essential decisions, for example in planning maintenance measures, personnel, resources and investments. "The great interest in this topic meets our assumptions that railway infrastructure providers are facing a major hurdle when it comes to implementing predictive maintenance," said Christian Krauss.

The recorded online seminar is available as an on-demand video: Request recording here

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30.09.2020 | Online seminar on personnel capacity forecasts in maintenance (in German)

In this ZEDAS online seminar the focus was on capacity planning in maintenance organization. More than 60 attendees took part in the live presentation on the subject of "Determine the exact personnel requirements in maintenance with BIG DATA". Rocco Pietsch, business mathematician and big data analyst at ZEDAS, demonstrated directly in the zedas®asset dashboard how the personnel requirements for future years can be determined and monitored by using various scenarios.

"Knowledge of future corrective and preventive maintenance work as well as one's own personnel capacities are essential for efficient work in the workshop. In this way personnel bottlenecks can be avoided, which increases the service quality and employee satisfaction in the long term," says spokesman Rocco Pietsch.

The recorded ZEDAS online seminar is available as an on-demand video (only in German): Request recording here 

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Many questions and positive feedback

Both seminars were distinguished by an audience with great interest and a high level of specialist knowledge. "During and after the live sessions of the online seminars, we received many questions that highlight the relevance of both topics. We see ourselves confirmed in the fact that the expanded possibilities of data analysis and forecasting in zedas®asset offer our customers an important added value", says Thomas Landskron, Head of Sales at ZEDAS.