IT tool for tracking in rail freight transport

ETA interface increases customer satisfaction

ETA stands for estimated time of arrival and thus for the estimated time of arrival of the customer consignments. With the automated ETA calculation for the rail freight traffic, you can inform your customers in an uncomplicated manner and in real time about the location of the commissioned freight.

To this end, the software combines planning data for the entire route and the use of resources such as tracks, vehicles and personnel with actual train running information. The calculation is done automatically and in real time. Disruptions to the operating schedule are immediately taken into account and included in the calculation. The software thus reliably anticipates the arrival time and the delivery of the customer’s order. The customer now knows whether and how long their delivery will be delayed and is able to adjust the subsequent logistics or also services accordingly.

Thanks to the possibility of freely setting up notifications via SMS or email for delayed deliveries, the customer even remains up-to-date when they are not on the system. With the help of the mobile-optimised web interface, the customer can personally configure the reason, frequency, and communication method for ETA notifications for themselves.

ETA is a part of the “Rail Hub” module. In addition to ETA, it also includes a customer portal and an employee portal, by means of which transport orders can be electronically recorded, coordinated and released and which simplifies the communication between control centre and train driver.

More information about the Rail Hub.

This solution connects all parties involved in goods traffic more closely and improves the predictability of the business processes.

Our zedas®cargo standard software for the management of rail freight transport allows our customers to efficiently calculate, plan, dispatch and settle their transport orders in a resource-spanning manner in only one solution.