New* zedas®cargo Rail Hub

The logistics platform for digital transport management

Rail Hub

08.04.2019 | There is a logistics management solution from ZEDAS for the digitalisation of rail processes which is aimed at international rail freight transport. zedas®cargo is a modular standard software which consistently depicts and supports the value creation process within a rail freight company (RFC).

With the Rail Hub, zedas®cargo has now been expanded to include a web-based logistics platform for RFCs and their customers. The modern and attractive appearance makes professional interaction between the RFC and its customers possible. The central interface offers a multitude of benefits for both sides. There is a standardised and central database, making the process significantly more effective and efficient. Because, first of all, interaction between the RFC and its customer is partially automated, and secondly the RFC customer is directly involved in the process chain. This saves the RFC a lot of time since data does not need to be manually communicated to the customers.

As a result, everyone involved in transportation has the opportunity to effectively shape the transportation, increase the transparency of the process, and reduce lead times.

Transport orders

Transport orders can be electronically recorded, coordinated, and approved through the customer portal. To this end, each partner is provided with a clear overview of the information which is important to them.

The RFC customers enter their wagon data and wagon set into the booking orders (wagon, container, goods, hazardous goods). This was previously done via email, fax, and Excel. They are now able to make their bookings directly in the system or use the upload function and thus retain their Excel file. The file is validated upon upload. This guarantees the quality and completeness of all data.

The status of trains and their wagons, as well as their GPS location, can be seen in the portal. As well as their deviation from the planned location. This not only allows a load to be located, but also allows for optimisation of internal logistics processes.

Estimated time of arrival

Furthermore, the customer can see detailed information about the arrival time for individual deliveries if they so wish and, thanks to the map view, always has up-to-date information about the location of their deliveries. Since the customer can now get information in real time about whether and how their deliveries are delayed, they can now adjust the subsequent logistics or even services.

To this end, the software combines planning data for the entire route and the use of resources such as tracks, vehicles and personnel with actual train running information. This calculation is done automatically and in real time. Disruptions to the operating schedule are immediately taken into account and included in the calculation. The software thus reliably anticipates the arrival time and the delivery of the customer’s order.

Thanks to the possibility of setting up notifications via SMS or email for delayed deliveries, the customer even remains up-to-date when they are not on the system. With the help of the mobile-optimised web interface, the customer can configure the reason, frequency, and communication method for ETA notifications for themselves.

Mobile information portal for employees – available anywhere and easy to use

There are many uses for a mobile information channel in rail freight. The important thing here is that communication between the control centre and the train driver is organised in as uncomplicated a manner as possible.

So, for example, each employee can see and download their duty roster via the information portal. The train driver gets information not only about what train they have to drive from where to where, but also about how their shift is divided into driving time, breaks, train handover, or office time. In addition, the employee always has access to their working hours account. As a result, they can see and check plus or minus hours and holiday days at any time.

In addition to a duty roster which can be accessed on mobile, each train driver can keep an eye on their route information verification in order to organise catching up in good time and to prevent the expiry of validity.


Further information about our solution zedas®cargo can be found here.