Digitisation of infrastructure management at the Leipzig public transport company

Maintenance management of contact line sections

Abb1 Rasengleis LVB

27.02.2020 | At the AEE symposium 2020 Jens Schwager (Consultant for Asset Management ZEDAS GmbH) in cooperation with Matthias Rößiger (Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe) will highlight the improved maintenance management of overhead contact lines with zedas®asset.

In zedas®asset it is possible to manage the maintenance of even extensive infrastructure objects. Faults that are recorded on site via app or from the control centre are located with pinpoint accuracy using GPS. Longer-term faults can be converted by the control centre into bypass instructions for trams and buses, which are then transmitted to the drivers' tablets.

During maintenance, the inspector has access to status data and asset history from the central asset management system on the mobile device. Checklists and inspection points support the maintenance staff. Maintenance and repair orders are documented directly on site at the asset after execution, which makes subsequent recording unnecessary. This saves time, avoids errors and the documentation quality becomes better and more efficient.

Digital maintenance management automates many repetitive tasks. Deadlines for maintenance or replacement are automatically entered into the maintenance plan. Maintenance protocols are generated automatically, which significantly simplifies verification and documentation requirements. Integrated reporting helps those responsible to identify fluctuations in the availability of overhead contact lines. As a result, the cause can be determined more quickly and measures can be initiated.

Verbal agreements between the specialist departments are reduced to a minimum and the verification and documentation obligation is significantly simplified. This maintenance strategy significantly increases potential savings.

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