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Logistics software for shuntung traffic: TAF TSI with zedas®cargo

With the Technical Specification for Interoperability relating to Telematics Applications for Freight Services (TAF TSI) (, the European Union defines Europe-wide standards for interoperable data communication. This will allow the actors in rail freight transport to handle their transportation jobs across infrastructure and country borders more easily in the future, as well as facilitating standardised and digitised communication between everyone involved. 

As a leading software provider, ZEDAS is following the relevant developments closely, in collaboration with the partners and customers involved, and is gradually implementing the resulting requirements as part of ongoing release development for the zedas®cargo and zedas®asset standard products once the technical specification s have been officially adopted. 

For applications which have already been approved, ZEDAS has offered customers interfaces which have been developed based on the basis of the TAF TSI standard (e.g. News: RNE TIS train running information) since 2012