zedas®asset wheel set database


Implementing the general regulation of EBA from 23rd December 2009

„History and maintenance documentation of freight wagonsn“

Track, maintain, document and fulfil the regulatory obligations of your wheel sets with the zedas®asset wheel set database.

On 23rd December 2009 the EBA issued a general regulation regarding the history and maintenance documentation of freight wagon wheel sets.

“1. For new wheel sets of rail wagons, at least the data of table 1 has to be recorded, kept available and forwarded at the request of the competent supervisory authority.

2. For already in use wheel sets paragraph 1 applies to the following:
a) existing data held by the manufacturer... has to be ascertain immediately and incorporated not later than 31st December 2010...

…Very few companies have begun at this stage, to establish an appropriate documentation, e.g. in the form of a database. …“  

PC-Soft GmbH supports railway companies and operators within the industry by ensuring a safe operation of freight wagons. With the zedas®asset wheel set database we offer a “ready to use”, tailor-made solution for the history and maintenance documentation of wheel sets that allows a quick and easy implementation of the general regulation.