ZEDAS Commitment

To our customers and partners during the COVID-19 crisis (Coronavirus)

17.03.2020 | The dynamic development of the Coronavirus is currently affecting the work of many of our customers. We, ZEDAS, will do our utmost to take all possible actions in order to support our customers getting through this tense time as best as possible.

In addition to the protection of health of our employees, we consider the maintenance of business-critical processes for our customers as top priority.

In the past few days, we have taken necessary precautions in order to ensure continuous service: The support and management of customer systems are assured. This also includes the 24/7 support for core processes.

We are experiencing the situation that due to current cases of illnesses/ quarantine companies using ZEDAS software solutions are taking the decision to switch to mobile working on quite short notice. In order to avoid any danger to the zedas®-IT systems, the establishment of appropriate safety precautions is an essential condition. Whenever necessary, we would be pleased to coordinate the necessary work with our customers. Also in these cases, the actual customer advisor would be the person of contact.