Surveying and evaluation of the track


Combined solution: Mobile track measurement and maintenance management

Regular monitoring of track conditions is an important prerequisite for ensuring an optimal maintenance strategy. The consolidation and evaluation of data from various sources, such as the measuring vehicle or digital track and switch point measurement vehicles, is a particular challenge for any operator, owner and maintainer of railway infrastructure.

PC-Soft GmbH, together with terra international surveys ltd., is offering an integrated solution, which allows precise surveying of the track with a multi-sensory mobile platform and integrated data evaluation and status assessment.

The advantages of the combined solution at a glance

The unit made of the specialist provider of measurements and maintenance management system with central information platform has the following advantages for you:

  • Make more accurate forecasts about the condition and remaining life span of the piece of infrastructure.
  • Plan the necessary maintenance measures and resources more efficiently.
  • Increase the availability of your systems through the optimised use of available resources.
  • Secure your investment and budget plans using a reliable data base.