Successful project completion at Vattenfall Europe Mining AG


PC-Soft GmbH successfully completes the Industrie 4.0 project at Vattenfall Europe Mining AG

Over the last two year, Vattenfall Europe Mining AG has been carrying out a fundamental modernisation of the industrial network in the Lausitz lignite mining region. The aim was to continually improve the company's value-creating business processes and to create a new infrastructure platform for the software support of the specific mining processes across all sites.

With this intention, business unit system integration from PC-Soft GmbH was used.

With the successful completion of this project and the flexible and quick implementation of modern software solutions realised as a result, Industrie 4.0 and Internet of Everything no longer figure only as a vision for the mining company, but have become a reality.

The specialists at PC-Soft led the challenging and far-sighted project to success through consistent project management. Ulrich Lieske, authorised representative and Head of the System Integration department, considered their many years of experience in an enterprise customer setting and their knowledge of how software architecture works to be essential for the commissioning. He says: "We were well positioned, together with our system suppliers Fujitsu, Citrix, Cisco and RES Software, to lead the project to success. Our know-how in combining new requirements in the production processes with innovative technologies for our customers was the objective here and is our daily motivation."
In the process, two of the biggest challenges of the project were the development of geographically decentralized private Cloud structures under central management and their adaptation for the particular production-specific conditions of a mining company.

For PC-Soft, the results achieved form the basis for further projects. "The principles from Industrie 4.0 can be used not only on a large scale in a Group of Companies, but also for a medium-sized company's production processes." Ulrich Lieske is certain of that. "A modular and scalable structure means that it doesn't matter how many production areas, departments, factories or sites are involved in the concept. The same high standards for safety, availability and operational management apply across the board."

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