Successful conversion to HERMES 2.0 in zedas®cargo


SBB Cargo International first EVU Europewide with new interface

With the implementation of the HERMES 2.0 interface into the logistics solution zedas®cargo, ZEDAS once again highlights the future orientation of the in-house software.
Due to the close collaboration of ZEDAS, SBB Cargo International AG (SBB CI) and the SBB infrastructure, the new interface was successfully integrated into the logistics solution zedas®cargo, used by SBB CI, after numerous tests.
With the version change on the morning of 19.09.17, the first productive exchange of HERMES Version 2.0 was completed in Europe.
On the same day at 1:35 pm: “Train 43720 with HERMES 2.0 successfully transferred to the CIS (Cargo Information System) / TIS (Train Information System) of the SBB infrastructure”. At the same time, SBB CI fulfils the new requirements of the Swiss customs authorities, which came into force on 1 October 2017, with this interface.
With HERMES 2.0, we receive a modern and clearly structured method for data transfer to CIS / TIS and TDC (Transport data collection of the SBB infrastructure), according to the managers of SBB CI. 

For your information: The Hermes H30 notification serves to transfer technical and commercial train data. The data is transferred via the European VPN network HERMES. HERMES includes railway companies from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Spain.


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