Rheinkalk decides on zedas®cargo


Successful project realisation at new customers Rheinkalk

The company Rheinkalk GmbH is part of the Belgian Lhoist Group, the world's biggest manufacturer of limestone and dolomite products. In the summer of this year, Rheinkalk decided on using the modern logistics solution zedas®cargo. In this context, the innovative company is focusing on improving the process management of its rail operations, and from now on, it will be organising its internal company transport as well as its collaboration with logistics partners with the PC-Soft solution for rail freight transports.

Internal company process support

The transport of limestone products to the end customers subsequent to the mining and refinement is completed by rail transport. Approx. 200 goods wagons leave the Flandersbach plant every day. From now on, the relevant process sequences, from the incoming wagons, via the loading, to the outgoing wagons, will be supported by the scheduling solution.
The order management facilitates the user with the management of all transports in the internal works traffic for every individual rail wagon. All the necessary status information on the vehicle, on the freight, and regarding the settlement of the orders are available to the scheduling clerk. In addition to this, it is also possible to plan, manage and monitor the internal logistics process in the form of shunting orders. The quality management is also supported through the management of quality information, for instance, with the adoption of the weighing results and quality values. After the successful quality control, the train composition is completed in the system by the scheduling clerk. In this context, the planner is able to refer to the pre-planning of the outgoing trains. Through the visualisation, the scheduling clerk consistently receives a current picture of what is happening in the company with the key information on vehicle locations, active shunting orders and track closures, for example.
With zedas®cargo, Rheinkalk therefore has a modern tool for the completion of the transport orders which also contributes to enhancing the quality and the management of the wagons, and also supports the billing of services on the basis of automated processes.

Communication with logistics partners

The improvement of the internal and external exchange of information was a particular goal of the introduction of the system. The transportation of the products to the customers takes place via connected logistics service providers who, with zedas®, are now able to use a communications interface. Advance notice or orders, location reports and advance notice of trains are exchanged between the partners. Such information from the logistics process is available for the further planning of the optimum use of the wagons, and subsequently as documentary proof for the transport invoicing.

Efficient project realisation

Within the agreed project period of just four months, the project team succeeded in carrying out a complete system changeover at the Flandersbach plant, the biggest limestone works in Europe, and putting the new zedas®cargo solution, with the associated order management and inclusive of all interfaces into operation. For 2014 there is also the option of rolling out the solution at another location.

We very much look forward to the continuation of our successful cooperation with the highly acclaimed and international company Rheinkalk GmbH.

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