Railway software specialist establishes new office in Dresden

Dresden WTC night08.07.2019 | The ZEDAS company expands the previous national and international locations of Senftenberg (Germany), Warschau (Poland) and Kiev (Ukrain) up to an office in Dresden. The software-specialist which is based in Brandenburg is growing continuously and is aimed at recruiting skilled personnel in metropole regions with universities. Especially focused are cities like Dresden, where students and employees with IT specialization are based. The new office near the centrum of Dresden is such an attractive place so that there is an impact to recognize. After the opening in February there is an upgrading planned.

“We welcome the current development and efforts of the saxonian universities to empower the degree program in Information and Communication Technologies. The Aim of the state Saxony is to double the students with IT-specialization, which is exactly in the interest of our company”. Says Managing Director of ZEDAS GmbH, Wolfgang Jahn

The ZEDAS GmbH is a specialized software provider for the management of rail freight traffic, rolling stock and rail infrastructure facilities. The ZEDAS experts provide advice to established customers for complex logistic issues on rails and the optimized asset management of the trains. User of the ZEDAS Software products are transport companies, the harbour-, chemistry- and mining industry as well as the national/state railway and regional rail transport.

“Because of the very positive development of our company we are ready to invest in more attractive locations after the good experience in Dresden”. Says Managing Director of ZEDAS GmbH, Wolfgang Jahn

Press release "Railway software specialist establishes new office in Dresden"

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