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With zedas®asset, all procedures involved in the technical asset management process can be provided with EDP support. This ranges from the recording of the condition data directly from the vehicle or the system, the quantitative recording and qualitative defect assessment, the planning and implementation of measures within the framework of technical repairs, through to feedback. The data are available for the entire maintenance and decision-making process, without any additional entries having to be carried out.

Besides the consistency of the solution, the analysis, documentation and prognosis are particular performance characteristics. The condition data derived from systems and vehicles in operation are used to determine critical conditions. This makes it possible to derive maintenance data, for example, for steering deadlines. Via the complete recording of component replacements, what used up time and materials, as well as condition information from systems or vehicles, a comprehensive system and vehicle history is created, which involves the required ECM-conforming workshop documentation being illustrated for the area of rail vehicles. History and current data when combined allow the vehicle’s future condition to be derived, and so make a condition-oriented maintenance possible.

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