Eisenbahntechnische Rundschau (ETR) reports about ZEDAS Software

The integrated software solution for transparent business processes and optimal maintenance

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18.05.2020 | Rail freight companies and railway infrastructure companies (RFC, RIC) as well as workshops are under high cost and competitive pressure. This problem is compounded by challenges due to digitalisation, the shortage of skilled workers and strict requirements regarding documentation and verification.

The use of universal, modular standard software solutions which are specially designed for the requirements of the railway industry is recommended here. These applications form the basis for a consistent pool of data and generally provide information for all key processes in the company. This is exactly where the ZEDAS integrated product concept comes in.

The benefits of digitalisation are clear: a universal solution can significantly optimise logistics and maintenance processes because it automates commercial, logistical and rail-specific processes.

The use of logistics software minimises time-consuming consultations, records and the error sources associated with this. This ensures up-to-date operating data and precise billing information.

Thanks to improved specific predictability of maintenance activities in the asset management system, the availability of the systems is increased, the use of resources is optimised and cost efficiency is improved.