Maintenance, documentation and order feedback by means of an app

Mobile maintenance of rail vehicles and railway infrastructure

Using the zedas®asset Smart app, defects and faults at the track or the vehicle can be directly recorded on site and processed supported by checklists. Mark the exact position by means of GPS and store photos for the maintenance. All data are included in the central system management system for the condition evaluation of railway vehicles and infrastructure. Double recording, media disruptions and error sources are avoided. During the processing of orders, no matter whether on site in the track or in the workshop, maintenance information and error catalogues are available to the inspector in mobile form.

Advantages of the innovation

  •  Interface between inspector, service personnel, train driver and maintenance personnel
  •  Efficient fault logging and processing thanks to intuitive touch operation and integrated work flows
  •  Direct data flow from and into the central maintenance system without media disruptions
  •  User-dependent control of the visibility of app functions, orders and data
  •  Online and offline functionality ensures autarkic working without stable network connection
  •  Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows

zedas asset smart iphone Abbildung