New - zedas®asset Archive Manager


Process data – unlimited availability

An amount of process data that easily exceeds the capacity of your zedas® diagnostic system is a thing of the past. The zedas®asset Archiv Manager helps you to record and store process data for the long term. It’s up to you which data will be stored. Once you have set your preferences the data will be verified on a regular basis. Everything will be archived automatically and therefore be accessible unlimited in time.

To avoid overcapacities already at an early stage a built-in data compression will be carried out. The intuitive, neatly arranged menu prompt enables you to get started right away. There’s no additional app necessary to enable the access to the data backup because this service should be a part of the application software. As a result you are able to see and work with all the relevant data immediately and without additional expenditure of time. In case you need data for any kind of calculation, to visualize a timeline, etc. – just determine the relevant period of time and data will be retrieved instantly using data base and data backup.

It has never been so easy to organize your database much more efficiently by using data backup where you can store all the data that is related to already exceeded length of warranty. By using zedas®asset Archive Manager it’s up to you to decide whether you’ll still need a particular set of process data by tomorrow. Create space for new challenges and data easily!