New RSRD² interface available in zedas®


Standard interface for exchanging freight wagon data

The EU commission requires the European rail industry to implement common standards (TSI) for interoperability in order to facilitate the exchange of information between the actors in the rail logistics market. Since 2012, ZEDAS has been offering its customers a standard interface for the transmission of train running information (RNE TIS) on the basis of the TSI TAF common interface. This process is continued consistently with the interface, now available to the RSRD² system.

RSRD² is a central platform for exchanging freight wagon data. Rolling stock owners/ECMs are required in particular to take the mileage for their freight wagons into account in maintenance planning. As a rule, there is an obligation for wagon renters (rental contract) and the railway companies (GCU contract) to provide this information or to support its provision. With RSRD², a data standard was developed within the rail sector for this purpose which should serve as the basis for the individual implementation of data exchange between the railway companies and the wagon keepers. A multitude of wagon keepers are already using this common data platform. Alongside the provision of comprehensive master data about freight wagons, the system also allows for the transmission of mileage data to the wagon keepers.

ZEDAS is following developments in the implementation of TSI TAF with interest and implementing the resulting requirements step by step during the course of the further development of the zedas® standard product for the benefit of our customers.