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Integrated asset management at InnoTrans 2016

Railway companies and railway infrastructure companies constantly have to decide what improvement measures to take, based on condition data and multiple indicators. When and with what funds these measures will be implemented is a complex matter, which depends on the rate of change in condition, cost and time required to complete the measures, and on the consequences of non-availability. A helpful decision aid is the Cost/Condition Index, determined through consistent application of Maintenance 4.0 standards. If one is to gain Smart Data from the typical “data graveyards” of Big Data, one must recognise that condition monitoring, diagnostics and maintenance management are a single unit, in the sense of integrated asset management.

Want to know more about how to turn Big Data into Smart Data using zedas®asset, visit our experts from 20th till 23rd of September 2016 at InnoTrans (Berlin, Germany) at City Cube, booth B/201.

Inform yourself preliminary with the current article of Thomas Landskron, Head of Sales zedas®asset, for Eisenbahningenieur Issue June 2016. He wrote about how an integrated asset management software solution can pave the way for Maintenance 4.0.

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