InfraServ Gendorf relies on the next generation of shunting software from ZEDAS

Reduction of capacity problems and more transparency through the digitalization of shunting operations


Software für den RangierbetriebInfraServ GmbH & Co. Gendorf KG (ISG for short) recently commissioned zedas®cargo and thus successfully completed the project. ISG is the first company to rely on the next generation of shunting software from the railway specialist ZEDAS. This opens up new opportunities for ISG to further optimize operational processes.


The initial situation at InfraServ Gendorf

InfraServ Gendorf is the operator of the GENDORF chemical park and is also responsible for shunting operations at the site. With an area of almost 200 hectares, the GENDORF chemical park is the largest chemical park in Bavaria and the location for over 30 companies from a wide range of sectors such as plastics, energy supply or basic and specialty chemicals.

InfraServ Gendorf decided to introduce a shunting software in order to make optimum use of the infrastructure during high traffic volumes. The impetus for the project was to improve the transparency of the wagon locations in the chemical park in order to ensure the smooth running of logistics processes.


Challenges in shunting operations

As part of the project initiated by ISG to develop the track infrastructure, the customer's identified problem situation can be divided into three categories after a comprehensive analyses:

  • Communication (e.g. high need for coordination between parties involved when ordering wagons/containers to the loading point)
  • Billing of services (e.g. high effort in obtaining billing data and documentation, complex billing rules)
  • Lack of transparency (e.g. in siding occupancy, lack of real-time information about incoming wagons; precise positioning of dangerous goods)

Using the next generation of zedas®cargo for shunting operations

To meet these challenges, InfraServ Gendorf opted for the solution from rail specialist ZEDAS GmbH from Senftenberg. The customer was particularly impressed by the options for effortless collaboration with its customers via the zedas®cargo Rail Hub and the mobile application's user-friendly apps.

The clear goal of the software introduction was to digitize the entire process chain, including all internal and external participants. After the recent successful commissioning of zedas®cargo, ISG already appreciates the interaction between the customer, dispatcher and locomotive driver, the always up-to-date information about wagons and the fully digitalized representation of the value chain. The transparency for all actors increases work efficiency and avoids capacity problems, and the automated documentation significantly simplifies service billing.

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