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The digitalisation of wheelset maintenance

 Note: The conference will be postponed due to the current virus situation.


Vortrag CK digitalisierung Instandhaltungsprozess Radsaetze12.02.2020 | At the 14th Rail Freight Conference Central Germany, our expert for asset management - Christian Krauß - will illustrate the improved, digitalised maintenance process of wheelsets using zedas®asset.

Wheelset maintenance is very complex, cost-intensive and time-consuming. This is because wheelsets are removed for maintenance, repaired and not necessarily reinstalled on the same vehicle. This means that wheelsets with different histories can be installed on the same vehicle. Documenting this is regulated by law and is mandatory.

With zedas®asset, it is possible to give each component its own life cycle record, which is automatically updated during operation, for example, as a result of kilometres driven, installation in another vehicle or corrective maintenance actions.

A special feature here is the wheelset wear forecast. With its help, it is possible to schedule maintenance and wheelset changes well in advance. Due to the amount of data required for such a prognosis, it is almost impossible to obtain reliable predictions without software support. For the wear calculation, zedas®asset uses all the data generated during operation - operating data, wheelset measurement data, condition information, maintenance documentation and variables such as driving behaviour or seasons.

Deadlines for the next measurement or maintenance are automatically entered into the maintenance plan. At the same time, zedas®asset monitors the stock levels and automatically makes order suggestions that take into account not only material-specific delivery times, but also workshop planning and minimum stock levels.

With intelligent, digital assistants, the maintenance of wheelsets becomes more economical and much easier to plan, the optimum time for wheelset replacement or reprofiling and the life cycle of wheelsets can be precisely determined.

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