High availability of wind power plants in China assured


REpower enhances cooperation with PC-Soft

Being one of world’s leading manufacturers of wind power plants Repower continues to rely on the tried and trusted solution zedas®asset. The commercial partnership with Repower China has been going on since the beginning of the year 2010. Since that time the use of zedas®asset has been enhanced. This testifies to mutual trust and the additional value that can be achieved through our zedas® products.

Repower manufactures wind power plants and currently operates 100 plants in 3 wind farms. Those wind farm plants are being serviced by 3 service points which are located in different provinces. The geographical distance as well as those quite diverse geographic conditions (e.g. the coastal area compared to Inner Mongolia, etc.) bear challenges to the plant management of those wind farms. Nevertheless the coordination of all activities involved regarding the individual service points takes place in Beijing. The zedas®asset solution optimally supports the service manager with the planning of service and maintenance measures. The designated goal is to be highly profitable spanning a whole wind power plant life cycle.


REpower China launches the zedas®asset Resource Manager to organize the usage and zedas®asset mobile to oversee the processing of orders

Henceforth the maintenance activities can be coordinated and improved by using the zedas®asset Ressource Manager. Planning and strategy are available on every decentralised site immediately. The service teams use the zedas®asset mobile solution to optimally support the flow of information. Orders can be processed and managed regardless of the online/offline status.

„Orders that are planned today – will be processed and reported back by tomorrow – information just in time“

The Beijing service manager will therefore always be up to date in terms of the latest data concerning the plant, the manager will be aware of the exact consumption of material and the need of spare parts as well as the internal and external staffing requirements. The planning and estimation of material disposition and logistics - regarding the order-related supply of the decentralised sites – is backed.


REpower China launches a diagnostic analysis for zedas®asset and with this upcoming wind farm related maintenance work can be organized based on their current condition.

The process data linked to the wind energy plant that has solely been archived within the life cycle record in the first step, will be taken over and analysed for condition monitoring and diagnostic analysis henceforth.

Condition changes concerning the main components can be monitored continuously and zedas®asset Cockpit enables the visualization of those changes. There is going to be a rule-based analysis of any kind of fault or defect and the results are going to be automatically transfered into a recommendation what to do next (fault tree analysis). All those steps ahead make the transition from periodic to condition-based maintenance as well as a full reporting possible.

„zedas®asset Diagnose draws the management’s attention to those plant conditions and status that are actually relevant to process”

Within the context of plant management Repower China assisted by zedas®asset was able to generate potential for optimization and savings and furthermore Repower increased the availability of plants.

Being efficient according to zedas® means: to reveal weak spots already in an early stage – to take action on time – to avoid unscheduled and unnecessary steps – to ensure coordinated step-by-step handling and implementation