GMB controls maintenance with zedas®asset

GMB Glasmanufaktur Brandenburg GmbH produces high quality low iron solar glass exclusively for Interfloat 365 days a year. In contrast to existing production facilities, all the machinery at the factory has been specifically designed and constructed to fulfil this purpose. In contrast the procedure of batch manufacture (the alternate production of “ordinary” ferrous glass followed by solar glass and vice-versa), the high performance of the product can be guaranteed by GMB with 100% assurance. The purity of the glass, as the basis for the minimal absorption of damaging substances such as iron oxide is constant at all times.

In the first step GMB controls and documents all processes of maintenance (internal and external personnel) with zedas®asset. Process improvement and consistently high quality at increased production should be ensured. The most important goal is to reduce downtime of the assets through interdisciplinary coordination of maintenance activities. In the second step the system diagnosis is used to link maintenance processes more tightly with the real asset life.

At the start up of additional production line in 2012 GMB employees use the asset management system zedas®asset already.

We are glad to count an other important customer to the user circle of the solution zedas®asset.