GCU broker interface: Compliant data exchange via zedas®cargo

Transmit wagon master data, mileage and damage reports electronically between the RU and wagon keeper

11.09.2020 | The interface of the GCU broker in zedas®cargo automates the exchange of data which is agreed between the partners when using freight wagons according to the GCU. As well as retrieving technical wagon data, it is also possible to transmit mileage and damage reports. RUs benefit from efficient processes and fulfil their obligations to wagon keepers.

Compliant work without manual effort

The GCU (General Contract of Use for Wagons) regulates the mutual rights and obligations of wagon keepers and railway undertakings (RU). The associated communication platform, the GCU broker, acts as a multilateral connection between the software systems of the companies.

The interface to the GCU broker integrated in zedas®cargo allows the RU to work efficiently when using freight wagons:

1. Requesting technical wagon data

RUs retrieve the wagon master data via the GCU broker interface directly in zedas®cargo. The search request entered is passed on to the GCU broker via the interface. The broker determines the wagon keeper automatically using the wagon number and passes the request onto their freight wagon database. The RU receives the information retrieved there as an RSDM (Rolling Stock Data Set Message) in TAF format. After the request, the data is available in zedas®cargo for all process stages such as the train check.


2. Reporting the wagon performance data

The mileage is transmitted to the wagon keeper by the RU as a WPM (Wagon Performance Message) in TAF format. Once the train journey is complete in zedas®cargo, the WPM is created automatically based on schedule data (distance covered by the train) and train formation data (allocation of wagons in a train), and transmitted to the GCU broker. This determines the wagon keeper using the wagon number, and transmits the data to them.


3. Sending a wagon damage report

The form of recording and sending damage reports through the RU are standardised in the GCU. In the case of damage, RUs can record all information relating to the damage in the required form in zedas®cargo. The damage report and the related appendices are then automatically transmitted to the GCU broker via the interface as a WDR (Wagon Damage Report). This forwards the data to the wagon keeper.


Benefits of the IT system interface to the GCU broker

The GCU broker interface integrated in zedas®cargo enables efficient work processes for the RU, and optimises communication with partners:

  • Omission of manual work stages prone to error (compiling a damage report, sending emails)
  • Use of future-proof TAF TSI formats which are standardised for all parties
  • Avoidance of inefficient communication channels (fax, email)
  • Automatic electronic data transfer
  • Working in a complete system / no need to switch to third-party systems
  • No laborious master data maintenance in your own system
  • Current information at all times through data retrieval directly from the wagon keeper
  • Continuous data flow across all processes in zedas®cargo