Digital checklists for better maintenance procedures

Speed up processes with individual checklists

With zedas®asset Checklist it is possible to add checklists to processes in the maintenance documentation of zedas®asset. In addition to the existing inspectlist function, you can create checklists from different field types using an intuitively operated modular system, determine the layout and assign them to processes such as faults, job requests, job orders, confirmations, but also operations and messages.


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The possible uses for checklists in the asset management software are manifold. They help to configure workflows flexibly, improve the documentation of workshop work and facilitate the specification of workflows.

Example use cases:

  • Supporting the completion of orders within the scope of incoming inspection.
  • Operations and events in the context of the shop floor diary, e.g.
    • Audits
    • Safety checks
    • Shift handover protocols
  • Work within the framework of malfunctions or order processing, e.g.
    • Warranty claim form
    • Protocols during the processing of maintenane period work
    • Quality inspections at the end of maintenance work

Individual fields within the checklist can be assigned the property "mandatory field" as well as logical further options such as "record malfunction" or "create manual deadline".

Use the activation function to ensure that only valid, approved checklists are used. The history and versioning in the process allows multiple processing of any checklists. Date, processor and result of the processing are stored in an evaluable way and complete the transparent ECM-suitable documentation.

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Digital checklists are an important functional extension for the "digital paperless workshop". They can manage validities and approvals, make workflows even more flexible and synchronise them with all employees. With checklists, you increase the degree of automation of your maintenance documentation, ensure that valid work instructions are kept up-to-date and thus facilitate the verification process in the context of audits.

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