Digitalise and optimise railway maintenance with mobile assistance systems


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Benefit from mobile assistance systems

The maintenance of facilities in the railway industry represents a high cost factor. However, it is also critical for the company, as long-term failures and downtimes lead to lower production figures and loss of revenue. The digitalisation of maintenance shortens downtimes, reduces the risk of failures and lowers costs. With clever assistance systems and mobile apps for maintenance, the processing of maintenance measures is made much easier.


ZEDAS uses various use cases to show how mobile assistance systems can provide enhanced support in the maintenance process. Persons responsible for maintenance are thus optimally equipped for the planning and implementation of maintenance measures.

The webinar is suitable for?

The webinar is suitable among others for:

  • Railway Operations Manager
  • Head of Rail Vehicle
  • Fleet Manager
  • Manager Work Preparation
  • Mobile service teams
  • Train driver
  • Workshops
  • Head of Technology / Head of Digitalisation


Christian KraussChristian Krauss
International Sales Manager


Krzysztof LukasikKrzysztof Łukasik
Business Development & Sales Manager

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