Customers confirm standard product strategy


Targeted development of standard products zedas®cargo and zedas®asset - clearly confirmed as a strategy at the user conference 2012!

On the last user conference a large number of customers took the chance to gain an insight into future development strategies and modules of the product suite zedas®. zedas® users applied their experiences and requirements for future product developments.

Within the innovation management PC-Soft is actively using this knowledge to align the products to best practice standards.

By working togheter with customers, partners and institutions, the ongoing process of software product innovations is backed up. For zedas® customers, this means high investment guarantee.

As a result of the user conference, the standard product strategy has been clearly confirmed. PC-Soft continues the development of reliable standard solutions.


Interested in our standard products, and want to learn more about how you can realize a competitive advantage with our solution?