Announcement: Arcadea Group (CA) invests in ZEDAS GmbH

ZEDAS GmbH elevates rail software excellence through strategic union with Arcadea Group

ZEDAS GmbH, a long-time leader in rail logistics and asset management software, announces its strategic investment from Arcadea Group, a preeminent, permanent-hold investor in global software businesses. This alliance will fuel ZEDAS’ continued growth in international markets, while ensuring a long-term, sustainable and innovative home in support of the company’s customers.

Wolfgang Jahn und Paul Yancich

Following the transaction, Wolfgang Jahn, ZEDAS’ Founder and CEO, will maintain his position leading the business, and join the Board of Directors to help guide the business strategically for the long-term. In addition, the entire leadership team at ZEDAS will stay on board and continue to advance the business’ customer base, products, and service quality.

Paul Yancich, Managing Director and Co-founder of Arcadea Group, said, "ZEDAS stands out in the European rail market with its unrivaled customer roster and depth of product offerings, underscoring its preeminent solutions and reliability as compared to its competitors. In our comprehensive, global market analysis, ZEDAS emerged as the only enterprise-grade solution in Europe that's dependable for the long term. Many competitors are owned by private equity companies with only a short-term perspective, so they lack the stability and commitment that ZEDAS offers its existing and future customers. This partnership cements our position as a leader in the rail software industry globally and demonstrates our commitment to only partnering with the absolute best businesses within their markets."

Wolfgang Jahn, Founder and CEO of ZEDAS, stated, "Aligning with Arcadea Group is a game-changer for us, propelling ZEDAS into a new era of efficiency, growth, and technological advancement – all attributes needed to ensure we continue providing enormous value to our incredible customers. Joining forces with a leading player like Arcadea, especially given their existing international presence in the rail market, will help us meet the growing demand we have seen in recent years."

Daniel Eisen, Managing Director and Co-founder of Arcadea Group, added, "The Rail industry does not work in private equity time horizons, but instead is a market that should best be cared for over decades. Arcadea provides this long-term home, and we couldn’t be more excited to support the team and customers for decades to come."

About the Arcadea Group
Arcadea Group invests in high quality, high growth software companies over extremely long time horizons. Based in Toronto and investing globally, Arcadea uses its significant permanent capital to focus exclusively on companies with long-term potential and ambition.