Always know when goods will arrive!


Automated ETA calculation with zedas®cargo

Schnittstelle ETARail freight companies can easily and conveniently provide their customers with up-to-date operating information and the expected arrival time (estimate time of arrival/ ETA).

The knowledge “THAT” and “HOW” the arrival time changes as a result of problems and deviations is crucial information for the customers and their satisfaction. Reliable information about the expected arrival time allows for quick intervention in the process where required and thus saves time and money.

The experts at ZEDAS GmbH, together with the users of the proprietary software solution for logistics management in rail freight transport, have developed a model for this.

To this end, the solution combines the planning data for the entire route and the use of resources (tracks, vehicles and personnel) with actual train running information from the operation. The calculation, based on intelligent algorithms, is done on an automatic basis and in real-time. Current events, such as delays for example, are immediately taken into account and are included in the calculation. An appropriate and reliable forecast which provides information concerning the expected arrival time and therefore delivery of the customer’s order can thus be generated automatically at any time.

The ETA calculation is supplemented by the transmission of messages, freely configurable by the customer, which is made available via a mobile-optimised web interface. Here, each customer can specify individually for which events, how often, and via which method of communication they would like to receive ETA messages. 

The new function for zedas®cargo is all about Logistics 4.0, it ensures that everyone involved in freight transport is connected more closely with one another and improves the predictability of business processes.


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