A fresh wind is blowing at PC-Soft


There is nothing that is so good that it can't be improved on! True to this motto, we are working intensively on the further development of our company and our solutions. Recent surveys have resulted in potential for improvement with regard to the clarity and demarcation of our products and module structure - especially with regard to our presentation on international markets.

In the future, as a specialised solution-provider within the fields of logistic management and technical asset management/ maintenance condition monitoring, we will clearly and uniquely position ourselves on the market with two specific product lines: zedas®asset for the area of asset management & maintenance as well as zedas®cargo for the area of logistic management in rail freight-traffic. Within these product lines, we will utilize special performance characteristics to pay special tribute to the unique requirements posed by selected areas of application such as, e.g. asset management and the maintenance of the rail infrastructure within railway companies.

This results in a whole range of benefits to the customer:

  • a much clearer licensing process for customers using several products
  • integration of condition monitoring into the zedas®asset standard solution
  • holistic rail-cargo solution for managing
  • the logistics of freight shipments, vehicle fleets and the rail infrastructure, including mobile handheld solutions
  • newly structured teams of competent staff with sound professional know-how specific to the branch