Which mobile solutions are of interest to railway companies?

Imagine a fleet of trains in freight rail transport consisting of different models and years of construction, is to be made capable of fulfilling the following tasks:

  • Europe-wide transfer of location information,
  • Connection of different onboard diagnosis systems (e.g. engine, gears, compressor, ...), which different maintenance engineers may have (temporary) remote access to,
  • Transfer of cyclical load data from the train to its own diagnosis and maintenance system and/or maintenance engineers and/or manufacturers
  • Electronic reception and feedback of driving jobs by the train driver
  • Print out in the train of rail car list and braking document, generated from a centralised system,
  • Electronic recording and control of marshalling by the shunter
  • Printing of braking documents
  • Enquiry of current track occupancy by the shunter/train driver
  • Reading of error memory before entering the workshop
  • Future transfer of signals from different sensors on the train
  • Improved planning of trailer load by coupling hook measurement
  • Limitation of current fuel consumption depending on load and route profile