zedas® – the integrated solution for rail and transport companies
– from logistics management to maintenance

People in charge in rail and transport companies want to create more transparency in companies, at the same time as establishing more efficient business processes and thus increase competitiveness. The aim is integrated processes without any complicated "interfaces" and loss of information. The zedas® software solution can contribute crucially to precisely this objective.

Thanks to the seamless integration of business-supporting modules (zedas®cargo) with modules for technical enterprise asset management (zedas®asset) great opportunities open up to provide, plan and implement transport jobs more efficiently and competitively, especially for intensive asset and infrastructure rail companies. The right amount of vehicle and plant availability and reliability, with improved operating costs is a critical factor for success!

Our integrated rail transport management combines:

  • shunting traffic logistics
  • long-haul traffic logistics
  • rail infrastructure maintenance
  • vehicle fleet maintenance

With zedas® you succeed in seamlessly linking up these processes and coordinating them with each other. There is significantly less need for internal coordination. For rail and transport companies this results in the possibility of creating more streamlined and efficient service processes.

The solution's expandable structure adapts flexibly to your needs. Right from the start with a basic application to an integrated solution: you can introduce the applications gradually at your pace with the security of standard conditions as well as our upgrade-/update service.