ZEDAS Rail Infrastructure Expert Group

Basic work for the further development of an intelligent maintenance system

10.12.2021 | Length-based properties, location, point objects... this seems strange to many. Not to our participants in the rail infrastructure expert group.

On 09.12.2021, the first ZEDAS event of this kind took place digitally. With 22 participants from 8 companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, primarily zedas®asset customers were represented with their experts.

As a solution provider of asset management for railway infrastructure, ZEDAS itself can look back on years of experience. Within the framework of the release concept, constant adaptation and improvement of the software are standard for customers. The focus is always on providing the best possible support for customer processes. That is why the exchange with our customers is so important.

Within the framework of the expert group, we wanted to take this exchange to the next level. By having experts from different companies directly exchange information on issues related to the maintenance of rail infrastructure and participate from each other.

Because this area in particular is highly complex.

Intelligent maintenance system

"We have the vision of an intelligent maintenance system. In the future, we want to turn even more trends and forecasts into real recommendations for action for our customers - Turning data into action. We know that experts in the field of railway infrastructure are particularly rare. Therefore, software support will become even more important in the future. In order to equip our solution for the requirements of the future, we did the basic work in the workshop and sought intensive exchange in technical depth. In the further course, we will focus more on the use cases that - once automated - will make our customers' work much easier," said Christoph Baum, moderator of the expert group and Head of Research & Development.

The technical director of the event, Dr Peter Engel, sums up: "I am very satisfied and grateful for the many feedbacks and the active professional exchange. We received very helpful feedback on a number of important issues."

The expert group plans to meet 1-2 times a year to actively exchange views on current and future topics. The aim is to make asset management even more efficient for rail infrastructure professionals, to plan maintenance measures with foresight, to minimize failures and thus to increase availability overall.

Editor's note: In the current weeks, we see that this topic has been severely neglected in some cases in the past. Maintenance and asset management of rail infrastructure is not a necessary evil, but a necessary precondition for a functioning rail system.






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