Track analysis and predictive maintenance of railway infrastructure assets - zedas®asset Track Analyser

Condition assessment and prognosis in the route band

For reliable and at the same time economical railway operations, the railway infrastructure facilities must be available at all times and fulfil all safety requirements. The service life of tracks, switches and power systems should be maximised, reliability and availability should be increased.

The zedas®asset Track Analyser brings together data from a wide range of sources such as inspection, maintenance and measurement and video inspection, analyses it and provides targeted, up-to-date information on the condition of the system, current defects or malfunction behaviour, necessary maintenance and possible failures.

The zedas®asset Track Analyser module supports the integration of measured values and condition assessments from measuring systems as standard. Numerous interfaces ensure the greatest possible independence from different measuring device manufacturers. The user can independently transfer the measurement data into the system, regardless of the measuring device. This gives the user the freedom to choose the measuring device manufacturer and prevents licence-dependent stand-alone solutions from the measuring system providers.

A complete visualisation of the overall condition of the track network is created. The system analyses, visualises, evaluates and archives all data automatically.

The following data is used in the presentation of the route characteristics:

  • Spurweite, Überhöhung, Verwindung, Längsneigung
  • Rail head profiles and fastening
  • Position and height of the track centre line and the overhead line
  • Ballast and substructure construction
  • Clearance gauge

Track Analyser DE

Der Track Analyser enthält Informationen zu:

  • the key data, i.e. numbering and classification of the line section, the construction types
  • manufacturers and materials of all installations (tracks, points, crossings, etc.) and the track substructure and superstructure
  • the age structure (in particular for sleepers, tracks, coverings, etc.)
  • measurement, condition and projection data as well as critical values and histories
  • planned maintenance measures or maintenance measures which are being carried out with details of time periods, defects, faults
  • the information from supplementary data sheets where necessary
  • about particularities / incidents

Download Flyer zedas®asset Track Analyser


Flyer zedas®asset Track Analyser


The consolidation and evaluation of data from different sources, such as inspection, measuring or maintenance, is a major challenge. The zedas®asset Track Analyser enables the linear visualisation of the geometry of a track with details of the most important information on the track, switches, crossings, overhead contact line and signalling and safety technology. Condition information and measured data are graphically displayed in relation to the exact location. In addition, information on the planning, realisation and feedback of orders from the asset management system is included. This enables the user to precisely analyse the overall condition.

Use the resulting potential as a strategic success factor for your company:

  • Graphic represenation of the route characteristics and measurement data regarding linear asset
  • Display of all preventive
  • Positionally accurate status information
  • Representation of the asset history
  • Integrated automatic measurement data analysis, evaluation and archiving
  • Proven methods determine the condition of the track with the inclusion of all measurements
  • Prognosis function for condition and remaining service life
  • Comprehensive support for detailed budget planning and strategic investments


Track Analyser

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