Automating enterprise resource planning for rail infrastructure and railway vehicles - zedas®asset Stock Manager

Everything always in stock

 It is good to know that, with Stock Manager, zedas®asset now also keeps an eye on the stocks in your workshops and makes sure, with reasoned order proposals, that vehicles are no longer out of service because of a lack of spare parts. Workshop orders are sped up and vehicle downtimes are reduced. Order management makes warehouse management easy, is equal to the complexity of a workshop warehouse and ensures needs-oriented spare parts management.

zedas®asset is a software solution for efficient system management for vehicle fleets and railways infrastructure. The solution provides up-to-date information about the condition of the vehicles and railway systems at any time and generates all of the necessary data for planning and strategic decisions. Stock Manager documents the use of materials and spare parts during maintenance measures. It has now been expanded to include an enterprise resource planning system.


Avoid bottlenecks, waiting times and downtimes

Stock Manager monitors stocks, incorporates the reservation of spare parts for planned maintenance measures and ensures a constantly available minimum stock. The result is a full warehouse with which all work orders can be fulfilled, including a safety reserve.

Just like maintenance measures, material consumption is documented in zedas®asset and the stocks are automatically updated on the system.

Based on this and according to freely configurable rules, the software automatically generates order proposals which take not only material-specific delivery times but also workshop planning and minimum stock levels into account.

Thanks to forward-looking determination of requirements, orders can be bundled and cost-effective purchase prices can thus be realised. Unnecessarily high stocks are avoided and repeat orders are sped up.

Stock Manager


Fewer steps in goods receiving

When the goods have arrived on site, you can very easily enter the incoming goods by calling up the open orders and confirming the quantities contained in the delivery. Once all items which were ordered have been delivered, the order is closed. Missing items are retained as an open position. Once entry is complete, the stock level automatically updates.


Warehouse management is that easy

With the help of the inventory assistant, you can quickly and easily record all inventory data. Choose which warehouse should be pulled up for the inventory. Then record the actual stock in electronic count lists. Multiple users can work in the same list at the same time. The result is compared with the stock level and adjustment postings are automatically carried out in the event of discrepancies.


Reporting and analysis

Integrated reporting tools make it possible for you to easily compare suppliers and prices in order to negotiate better deals and identify opportunities to make cost savings.



As a digital assistant, zedas®asset with Stock Manager supports you in enterprise resource planning. It constantly keeps an eye on your stock levels, places orders more quickly thanks to order proposals and makes order processing easier thanks to supplier-specific and material-specific information.


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