Effective maintenance planning without conflicts - zedas®asset Resource Manager

Intuitive and user-friendly resource scheduling

Smooth planning is the basis for efficient maintenance. The tasks of the maintenance measures, the availability and qualification of the personnel as well as the required operating resources are relevant. The zedas®asset Resource Manager provides basic support for planning by enabling a pre-selection of available resources. Through an intuitive graphical user interface, resources can be easily and quickly assigned to maintenance tasks. Additional information in the info window provides valuable supplements for users. Dependencies between maintenance tasks, for example in the shared use of operating resources, are displayed transparently. In addition, tasks that belong together are bundled into one work order. All data is logically visualised in a Gantt chart, which displays all tasks as a timeline with start, duration and end. Vacations, shift schedules and absences can be managed in the module or transferred from the ERP system or personnel management software. In addition, all actions can be linked directly to the maintenance object.

Define skills for professional maintenance

Fähigkeiten Personal einschließlich Überwachung


The assignment of work schedules and skills to resources enables the checking of availabilities and suitabilities during planning. This ensures optimal utilisation and documents the required qualifications for work steps. Skills and calibrations of employees and resources, additional qualifications and approvals, are checked for their validity over time.

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Flyer zedas®asset Resource Manager


Identify planning conflicts immediately

The Resource Manager shows the planned due date and the estimated time of completion for workshop orders. Deadline conflicts are highlighted visually. In the Gantt view, the due dates and open disruptions can be transferred to the order planning, so that planning conflicts can be identified at first glance. Unavailable or only conditionally available resources are identified immediately. For a better overview, all availability, capability qualification and deadline conflicts are displayed in a separate view. This effectively supports the planner in processing the orders faster and without errors.


Konfliktübersicht Resource Manager

Fundamental functions of the zedas®asset Resource Manager:

  • User and role-based programme handling for individual requirements
  • Visualisation and organisation of all tasks in the area of responsibility
  • Display of availabilities and utilisations as well as presentation of planning alternatives
  • Display of effects and dependencies in case of short-term process changes
  • Transparency and certainty in decision-making
  • Creating a holistic overview of the overall situation
  • Ensuring operational readiness and identifying optimisation potential

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