Plan your investment requirements for the next 30 years - zedas®asset Invest Manager

Budget planning at the push of a button for rail vehicles and railway systems

The planning of requirements and investments for asset maintenance and replacement over the next 20 to 30 years plays an increasingly important role in rail transport and rail infrastructure companies. As a result of increasing cost pressure, it is necessary to determine and plan budgets and investments carefully, well-founded and transparently. This applies to manufacturers, leasing companies and operators.

The Invest Manager is a powerful module of the zedas®asset suite that enables companies in the railway sector to plan investments accurately and over the long term using real maintenance, master and planning data.

Necessary data for investment planning

Creation of planning scenarios

The asset-related maintenance history with master, cost and condition data as well as the preview of preventive measures in the asset management system zedas®asset form an excellent basis for determining future requirements. The annual data aggregated for each asset can be varied by the user according to his preferences.

With the help of adjustable factors such as price increases, intensity of use, maintenance expenditure and operating life, the forecast costs can be easily adjusted or simulated. This helps to make the future influences on the investments as objective as possible. With Invest Manager, different planning scenarios can be created and compared. This enables companies to evaluate alternative paths and make well-founded decisions.

The comprehensive reporting helps the user to evaluate the results. Selected data from a finalised planning scenario, such as information on future renewals and replacements, can be transferred to the existing action planning of zedas®asset. The planning of measures for asset maintenance and replacement is now time-saving, effective and easily possible with a sound data basis. Changes, such as new requirements for transport performance or availability, can be responded quickly and precisely.

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