zedas®asset: Managing an Operations Log

Thanks to the zedas®asset Operations Log module, handwritten and electronic lists and insufficient shift handovers are a thing of the past. The operations diary for the maintenance of rail vehicles and railway infrastructure is the chronological documentation of all actions for operational management and technical support. It supports the complete recording of events, processes and operating states of all operational processes as well as special situations about:

  • keeping an electronic operations log,
  • the compilation of supplementary data sheets with selected information for shift handovers and management information and
  • the creation of special reports on special occurrences / events, such as accidents or hazard logging.

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Overview of daily operations

With the help of the web-based application zedas®asset operating log, all reports are recorded digitally in the zedas® database, which are otherwise kept in different lists, some of which are also handwritten. Data masks and the pre-selection of defined text modules are available to the user for quick and easy data entry. The templates help railway companies to avoid errors that can arise, for example, from different uses of abbreviations or missing entries. All information relating to operations is thus available to all authorized employees in the electronic operations log in a timely, error-free manner and without any loss of information. The uniform and clear documentation enables a quick analysis of operational events and helps with verification.


Free configuration options in the operating log offer versatile use

The operating diary is freely configurable and can be adapted to the user's requirements and the operational documentation requirements. Depending on the area of application, event-specific text modules can be activated, which allow comprehensive documentation of the event.


Optimization of operational management

The operations diary is an important form of information provision for operational management. The benefit of using the zedas®asset operating diary also results from the optimization of the operational management, in particular through:

  • the collection and processing of reports of daily operations,
  • der Abbildung individueller Prozesse durch frei konfigurierbare Meldungen,
  • the mapping of individual processes through freely configurable messages,
  • the possibility to analyze deviations as well as
  • the perfection of specifications for the optimal driving style.


The new module rounds off our standard software zedas®asset for maintenance, technical asset management and operational management.

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