Leipzig transport company relies on zedas®asset Smart for mobile service management

View orders, edit checklists, document working times - all mobile and in no time at all

Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe (LVB) has been relying on a progressive digitalisation strategy with the zedas®asset asset management system for many years. During its search for a reliable app for service management, Leipziger Servicebetriebe (LSB), a subsidiary of LVB, decided in favour of the zedas®asset Smart software solution, as it has been proving its worth in the LVB Group's track maintenance operations since 2012. Using the app ensures seamless integration with order management and SAP billing. The service management system went live in July 2023 and has since enabled 110 employees to work seamlessly via an app on their smartphones and tablets: viewing orders, editing checklists, documenting working hours - all on the move and in no time at all.

The challenge: unreliable legacy system

As part of the Leipziger Group, Leipziger Servicebetriebe (LSB) GmbH carries out a wide range of tasks on behalf of various customers - in particular Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe (LVB) - such as cleaning bus stops, winter services and vegetation maintenance. The employees are on the move and often have less experience in dealing with IT. The mobile solution previously used forced employees to record service times manually several times due to frequent system failures. The aim was to change the system to a user-friendly app with maximum availability.

The solution: zedas®asset Smart for transparent workflows

Every day, employees receive several work orders that are organised as tours or individual orders. The zedas®asset Smart App now makes it easy for employees to visualise order details transparently and record performance feedback quickly and easily. All relevant information on the checkpoints can be found in the app: From exact work locations to technical requirements and local specialities. The checklists integrated in zedas®asset Smart support employees in carrying out the tours and can be customised, versioned, blocked and released as required. It is also possible to leave comments to record anomalies or special circumstances. This creates transparency and enables follow-up orders to be triggered quickly if necessary. The solution offers all parties involved comprehensive transparency regarding the performance and quality of the services provided.

Jens Dirk Schöne



With the new system, we offer a modern and stable performance recording system to provide our employees with attractive working conditions, better fulfil customer wishes and, of course, streamline our commercial processes.

Jens-Dirk Schöne | Managing Director of Leipziger Servicebetriebe - subsidiary of Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe | Customer since 2013

Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe
Jens Dirk Schöne

Conclusion: More productivity and transparency in service management

Stakeholders now expect clear results: 30% less time spent on recording, 2,000 additional productive hours per year, efficient capacity management and optimised use of resources for orders. The desired goals can be achieved through high user acceptance and consistent use of the app. To this end, usability improvements were developed in advance and users were given intensive training. In quarterly "lessons learnt" meetings, the project team evaluates the success of the project and identifies strengths and potential for improvement"

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